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Admissions, Retentions, and Graduation Standards for College of Education


Admission Requirements      Retention Requirements      Graduation Requirements


Students who complete one of the teacher education curricula at Clarion and who are awarded a baccalaureate degree are qualified for the Pennsylvania Instructional I  Certificate. The student must apply for the certificate and the certificate must be issued before graduates may teach in the public schools of Pennsylvania. Recommendation for certification is based upon program requirements in effect when the application is filed, students are urged to complete the application during the semester in which they plan to graduate. Applications are available in the Office of Field Services.


Students should be aware that Act 34 of 1985, Act 33/Act 151 of 1994, and the FBI Clearance of 2006 require applicants and some transferring employees of public and private schools, licensed day care centers, and some residential facilities to provide a criminal record check, a child abuse clearance, and Federal Bureau of Investigation clearance. Some human services agencies also require these clearances of prospective employees. Applications for teacher certification may be denied based on information presented in these background clearances. Freshmen and transfer students must submit their clearances to the Office of Field Services, 102 Stevens Hall, before the end of their first semester on campus.

Any certificate may be extended to include other teaching fields by completing approved programs in those areas. Students not enrolled in a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Education degree can make application for teacher certification by obtaining admission to and completing one of the university's approved programs in teacher education. For further information, consult the Dean's Office, College of Education and Human Services.


The Instructional I Certificate will be issued to individuals who fulfill the following:

1. Possess a baccalaureate degree.

2. Successfully complete an approved teacher certification program.

3. Provide verifications of a valid health examination (within one year) and negative tuberculin test (within two years) at the date the application is processed.

4. Present evidence of having passed the Pennsylvania Department of Education prescribed and administered teacher certification tests in all certification areas.

5. Present evidence of approved background clearances.

6. Receive recommendation for certification from the dean, College of Education and Human Services.

College of Education and Human Services Selection, Retention, and Graduation Standards

I. Student responsibilities in any program of the college.

A. Complete all application forms in a timely fashion:

1. Admission to program,
2. Student teaching/internship/externship experience,
3. Graduation from the university,
4. Certification, where appropriate, from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

B. Meet with advisors on a regular basis for career and program counseling as well as at the appropriate checkpoints in the program to obtain the appropriate forms.

C. Arrange for any tests needed to comply with the Public School Code of 1949, as amended, Article XII, Section 1209, which in part provides that teaching certification may not be issued if the "applicant is either mentally or physically disqualified by reason of tuberculosis or any other communicable disease or by reason of mental disorder, from successful performance of the duties of a teacher."


II. Admission to a program

A. All programs require completion of 68 semester hours and a qualifying QPA, including six semester hours of introductory courses (grade of C or higher) to be determined by the appropriate department in the College of Education and Human Services.

Mid-Level (4-8)------------------------------------------ ED 110, 122
Pre-K Early Childhood----------------------------------- ED 121
Library Science------------------------------------------- LS 255 and either ED 110 or ED 122
 Modern Language---------------------------------------
 ED 110, ED 122
 All Secondary--------------------------------------------
ED 110, ED 122
 Intervention Specialist/Special Education (Pre-K-12)-  SPED 128, 129
 Rehabilitative Sciences---------------------------------  REHB 126, 227


 Pre-K-4 (Early Childhood)-----------------------------  ED 121 and SPED128
Mid-level/Library Science------------------------------- ED 110 or ED 121 and LS 255
Speech Pathology and Audiology---------------------- CSD 125, CSD 150, CSD 156


B. Completion of a speech and hearing screening.

C. ACT 33/151, ACT 34, and FBI clearances (Act 114).

D. PASS PRAXIS I tests - Pre-Professional Skills in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics by completion of 68 credits.

E. Two college-level English courses are required.

ENG 111 (Composition) and one Literature (Grade of C or higher).

F. Two college-level mathematics courses are required (Grade of C or higher):

Mid-level and Pre-K-4-------------------- MATH 111, MATH 211 (prerequisite for ECH 415 or EDML 324)
Secondary Mathematics------------------ CPSC 201
Secondary Biology and Earth and Space MATH 171 + 1 higher level
Secondary Chemistry-------------------- MATH 270, 271
Secondary General Science-------------- MATH 171, MATH 221 or 321
Secondary Physics------------------------ MATH 270 + 1 higher level
Speech Pathology and Audiology------- MATH 112 or higher + MATH 221 or PSY 230
Intervention Specialist------------------- MATH 111, MATH 211
ALL others--------------------------------- MATH 112 + 1 higher level or MATH 113

NOTE: MATH 050 does not count toward general education requirements, graduation, or as a MATH requirement for education majors.

NOTE: All students must complete both English requirements and both mathematics requirements with a grade of C or higher prior to student teaching or intern/externship.

G. Possession of an appropriate required cumulative QPA or higher at the time of application.

H. Removal of any academic, physical, or mental deficiencies noted at any point in the student's program that would prevent the candidate from fulfilling the responsibilities of the professional area.

NOTE: Transfers and readmits must meet these requirements as well, but will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

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III. Retention in a program

A. Maintenance of an appropriate cumulative QPA.

B. PRAXIS II (Content Knowledge & Specialty Tests).

C. Attainment of a grade of C or higher in all required professional courses and all required major courses in an area. Mid-level and early childhood majors must also attain a grade of C or higher in required content competency courses. All proficiencies must also be C or higher (or equivalent).

D. Removal of any academic, physical, or mental deficiencies identified after admission to a program before being permitted to continue in the program.

E. Completion of all program requirements.

IV. Qualification for student teaching/internship/externship.

A. Completion of all required course work and field experiences.

B. A grade of C or higher in all required professional courses, all required major courses, required content competency courses, and proficiencies (where required).

C. An overall appropriate cumulative QPA.

D. Satisfactory completion of required tests (PRAXIS), review of criminal record (ACT 34), child abuse clearances (ACT 33/151), and FBI clearance (Act 114) are necessary for field placement, including verification of a valid health examination, negative tuberculin skin test and proof of $1,000,000 in liability insurance.

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 Graduation requirements

A. Fulfill all university standards for graduation.

B. An overall cumulative QPA of 3.0.

C. A grade of C or higher in all required professional courses, all required courses in the major area, content competency courses, and proficiency courses (where required).

VI. Pennsylvania teacher certification requirements at Clarion University.

A. Complete all program requirements and meet the standards of the Teacher Certification Program at Clarion University.

B. Pass all appropriate current examinations required by PDE.

All Majors:
PRAXIS I (Reading, Writing, Mathematics)
and appropriate Specialty Area Exam(s)

Mid-level, Pre-K-4 & all Pre-K-12 Majors:
Fundamental Subjects-Content Knowledge

NOTE: Test registration information is available at

C. Complete application for certification.

D. Certify U.S. citizenship or hold an immigrant visa which permits employment within the United States and declares intent to become a U.S. citizen.

E. Certify no habitual use of narcotic drugs in any form or excessive amounts of intoxicating beverages (School Code 1209) and not under indictment for and not convicted of a criminal offense.

F. A health examination is required (within one year) and negative tuberculin test (within two years) at the date the application is processed. These must be completed at, or verified by, the Keeling Health Center on campus.

G. Receive recommendation for certification from the Dean, College of Education and Human Services or current Certification Officer.

VII. The College of Education and Human Services will, through a formal agreement with Student Support Services and the Educational Opportunities Program, identify students with disabilities for the purpose of advisement in relation to professional, certification, and degree requirements.

A. Students with disabilities will be encouraged to self identify to their faculty advisor, and/or department chair and assistant dean for purposes of receiving appropriate accommodations which ensure their full participation in a college program.

B. The assistant dean, department chair, or advisor may meet with each student with disabilities to discuss professional, certification, and degree requirements. The assistant dean and/or department chair will discuss these issues with regard to the student's disability and any potential functional limitations that may impact the attainment of certification, the degree, and effective practice in the profession. Appropriate accommodations and strategies to compensate for any functional limitations will also be discussed with the student. Results of this meeting will be documented, signed by the assistant dean, and copies of the report will be placed in the student's departmental file, field experience file, and Student Support Services file.

C. Whenever possible, students will be placed and supervised in an early field assignment as a means to ascertain their abilities and to develop strategies to overcome functional limitations.

D. If faculty suspect a student has a disability which may negatively affect the student's ability to obtain certification, the degree, or practice in the profession, the student should be referred to Student Support Services for assistance.

E. All faculty will be made aware of the need to openly discuss professional, certification, and degree requirements with students with disabilities. However, the final decision to pursue a degree program rests with the student as long as program requirements are met satisfactorily. Faculty must also be aware that all graduates of certification programs should be qualified to practice in the profession in a competent manner.

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