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Preparation for Graduation


Read the following information and complete at appropriate times
during your final semester before graduation. 

Please review and follow it carefully, use our Easy Checklist.

Graduation Applications due prior to final semester!
Application must be submitted to the Office of Field Services (OFS) at the beginning of the last semester before graduation.  Students can access the graduation application online. For questions, e-mail Kim Stewart

Certification Application and Fee: 
Certification is obtained using the TIMS through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Follow all instructions here: Click here to access TIMS

Teacher Candidates must complete:
Personal Data Form (PDF). Completing this form is the responsibility of the student. Send this personal data form to each assigned cooperating teacher prior to the first day of the student teaching experience.

Teacher Candidates must do for Final Placement Field Experience:

Contact your cooperating teacher/specialist at least 10 days before the beginning of each student teaching/extern/intern placement.  Please complete the Personal Data Form and take it with you on the first day of each placement in order to give it to your cooperating teacher/agency person.

Policy for Withdrawal, Reassignment or Termination of a Field Placement:
Let's hope you never need to know about this.

Exit/Professional Dispositions Surveys 

These surveys will be emailed to the teacher candidate within the last month of their second placement. 
  • The survey information is used to as part of the NCATE accreditation and for further assessments of our programs.
  • If there are any problems or concerns please email



Helpful Hints for Teacher Candidates, Externs, and Interns:

This section provides information that should be useful for any teacher candidate, extern, or intern.


  • A Discussion of a Positive Learning Environment and Classroom Management (PDF)

  • Motivational Strategies (PDF)

  • There's No Room for Bulletin Boards or Displays in the Classroom! (PDF)

  • For help with resumes, professional advice, and applications, visit the Career Services Website


Pennsylvania Department of Education (click here) link to Title 22 and Chapter 235, "Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators". Please review this information prior to and throughout the field experience to further develop your own professionalism.



Check List:

  • Turned in Graduation Application prior to final semester;

  • Completed all requirements for Certification, including fees;

  • Contacted both cooperating teachers at least 10 days prior to field;

  • Completed Personal Data form and turned in to both cooperating teachers, prior to first day of placement;

  • Completed exit survey at end of placement.