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Student Teacher Supervisor Supplement


University Student Teacher Supervisor Supplement

OFS University Supervisor Web.

The supervision structure for student teaching includes:

Mileage-paid on-site placement visits are 3 per placement.

Please access and use on-line forms via the OFS University Supervisors' Web.


Visitations and Mileage

The University Student Teacher Supervisor will:

Complete 3 visits with the student teachers and cooperating teachers on-site during each placement.  Mileage will be paid for no more than 6 on-site visits per semester, or 3 visits per placement. 

Return to the OFS the Cooperating Teacher's completed and signed STPP form and associated written narrative - if requested to do so by the Cooperating Teacher.

Return to the OFS the Cooperating Teacher's completed Attendance and Grade form - if requested to do so by the Cooperating Teacher.

Mileage request forms for travel must be completed before any travel takes place.  Mileage should be estimated on the request forms at the approved university rate.  Please estimate the mileage from either your home or the campus, whichever is the shortest distance.  If there are changes in the schedule, please e-mail this change information to Jill Johnston. This will be attached to the request copy.

If there are concerns regarding student teacher performance and related visitations, please discuss it with the associate dean/director of Field Services.  During these discussions, several options may become available to help the student teacher. 


Evaluation Requirements

The University Student Teacher Supervisor will:

Use the following forms for all observations and evaluations:

Observation form,

PDE 430 form and supplement,

Teacher Candidate Work Sample Scoring Rubric,

Student Teacher Performance Profile (STPP),

Attendance and Grade form.

Meet with each student teacher at the end of each placement either on campus or via e-mail to discuss the student's final evaluation (STPP, PDE 430/430A) and grade (University Attendance and Grade Report form) for the placement.  This meeting must take place before the end of the placement. 


Travel Request and Travel Vouchers

Travel request forms must be completed as soon as possible and submitted to the Office of Field Services.  Please complete the form with all requested information, including a calculated estimate of travel mileage and meal reimbursement.  Meal reimbursement is now $2.35 for lunch if the travel is more than 15 miles from the base. 

Travel voucher forms are to be completed by the end of each placement and submitted to the Office of Field Services.  Mileage is to be determined from the base with the shortest distance, e.g. from the residence (base) or from campus (base), whichever is shorter.

It is suggested that a travel log be kept throughout each semester.  The supervisor may be asked to submit detailed documentation to explain the mileage on the submitted voucher.  An example of a log format is available upon request. 


Supervisor Check List for Requirements

The following forms must be completed and submitted to the Office of Field Services for each student teacher during each placement:

Observation forms, one for each visit during each placement

Student Teacher Performance Profile (STPP)

PDE 430 and 430A

Teacher Candidate Work Sample Scored Rubric - Level III: Outcomes of Professionalism Rubric - only for elementary, early childhood, library science, modern language, music education, and social studies majors.

Attendance and Grade Recommendation


Incident/Accident and Forum

Any time there is an incident/accident involving the student teachers, please notify the associate dean immediately.  Please complete the incident/accident form and return it to the OFS as soon as possible.  It is very important that as much detail as possible be recorded on this form and given to the OFS.  Please use the back of the form and attach copies of any related information to this form.  Be sure to keep a copy in your file of everything given to the OFS.  The incident/accident form is on the University Supervisor's Webpage.