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Special Access

Giving Special Access

D2L has the capability to grant students extra time or date extensions. This capability can be used throughout the site, but it is most often used in the Dropbox area and in Quizzes.

Note: The steps are similar for setting up special access in both the Dropbox and Quizzes.

1. Enter the quiz or Dropbox folder where you wish to set up special access.
2. Click on the Restrictions tab.


3. Scroll down to the section that says either Special Access (dropbox) or Advanced Availability (quizzes). Please note: Select the first option ("Allow users ...) to grant special access only to selected individuals. Use the second option (Only allow...) when you are creating a unique assignment for selected individuals, such as a custom quiz, that no one else in the course will see.




4. Click on "Add Users to Special Access".

5. For a Quiz: Choose whether you are doing an extended date availability or a special time limit. Please note: the "Add to calendar" feature is currently not available for Special Access in Quizzes.

6. Select which students you are going to give special access and click Add Selected.

7. For a Dropbox: Choose your extended date availability and select the  students . Please note: the "Add to calendar" feature is only available for Special Access to Dropboxes. The student with Special Access will see this in the course calendar under the "See upcoming events" link.


8. You will return to the restrictions tab and the students you selected will be listed. Click the pencil icon to edit special access restrictions, or "X" to remove. Be sure to click Save.


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