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Creating Group Category | Creating Group Discussions | Enrolling Users Into Groups | FAQs

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Creating a Group Category



Creating a Group Category will be the first step in creating groups for your course. Group categories will allow you to set the parameters regarding your groups.

1. Enroll group member(s) by selecting New Category.

2. Give your category a title. You may also provide a description if you so desire.

3. Leave the Enrollment Type drop-down at the default setting: # of Groups - No Auto Enrollments

4. Enter the Number of Groups you wish to have.

Note: None of the Enrollment types will automatically enroll the current students in the groups. You must manually place the students in the groups. See Enrolling Users into Groups.

5. Advance Properties :

Auto-Enroll New Users: This option will automatically assign new students into the previously made groups. It will add the students to the group with the lowest enrollment.

Randomize Students in Groups: This option will automatically randomize new students in your class into groups that you have already created so they aren't all grouped together.

6. Create the Workspace you wish your groups to have by checking the desired options Set up Discussion Areas, Set up Locker and Set up Dropbox for each group.

7. Select Save.

8. Select your category from the drop-down list on the Manage Groups page.

9. Select "Enroll Users" from the drop-down menu next to the group/category name.

10. To edit the name of your new groups, simply click on the name of the group while under the Groups tab and it will give you the option of renaming them.

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Enrolling Users into Groups

The Manage Groups page enables you to assign students to groups. Select Enroll Users from the "More Actions" pull-down menu next to the name of the category you created.


You can see all students from the Classlist and by selecting the box to the right of the student's name you can manually enroll each student into the group of your choosing. Click Save.


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Creating Group Discussion Boards

1. If you selected "Discussions" as a Group workspace, you will be able to create your Restricted Forums and topics in the view below from the Groups set up page. If you chose to "Skip" this part initially, simply select Discussions from the Communications drop-down menu in the navbar and then choose "Group Restrictions."


2. Access the group forum in the drop-down list, or select "new forum" if creating a new one.


3. Name the forum. Choose Create and Next to setup the Restricted group topics for that forum, or "Add Another" > "New Forum" to create another Forum.


4. Click Done to automatically create the group restrictions on the topic.


5. Click Save. Return to the Discussions list, you will see the Forum name with topics for each group (Group 1 Topic, etc. ) You can edit the topic names by choosing "Edit" from the "More- actions" drop-down menu next to the topic name.  Edit properties or restrictions as needed.



If you did not create your Forums and restricted Topics when you set up the group workspace, you can create your group restrictions from the Discussions list page.

1. Go to the Discussions link under the Communications tab in the navbar.
2. First create a Forum(s) and a topic(s). You will need either one Forum for each group (this method allows you to create the restriction at the Forum level so that each time you add a topic, it is already restricted appropriately.) or one topic per group under the forum. Selecting "Group Restrictions" on the Discussions list page is the easiest way to restrict multiple Forums and Topics at one time.  that yu want to restrict
3. Under "View Options", select the Group category and Discussion Forum that you want to restrict and select the groups accordingly.



Alternatively, you can create restrictions on individual Forums or Topics by choosing Edit from the pull-down menu next to the Forum or Topic name.

1. Go to the Restrictions tab and choose "Add Groups".
2. Make sure the correct group category is displayed and checkmark the Group that you wish to have access to the Forum or Topic.


4. Click Save.


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Q: How do I assign students to groups?

A: On your course page, select the Groups tab. From here, select New Category and give your group a name along with the amount of groups you will need. Click Save. Back at the top of the page you will see an Enroll Users option. Click on that and it will bring you to a page with your students in a column and the ability to click on the boxes that go with particular groups. After clicking Save, your groups you just created will be implemented.

Q: Why won't my students show up in their groups after assigning them?

A: More than likely this would be a problem with your default set number of 20 on the Groups page. If you assigned the first 20 and then went to page 2, all the data wouldn't be saved. You must either set your page to show 50 or more students or you must save before navigating away from the page you had just worked on.