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Online and Graduate programs

Clarion offers a variety of graduate certifications and degrees. With its well rounded educational programs, that are taught by an esteemed faculty, it will ensure your place among the elite professionals in your field of study.  These programs are also being offered completely or mostly online for our working adults.

*The following courses meet PDE Level I to Level II conversion requirements:

  • ED 523
  • ED 544
  • SPED 500

Online Graduate Certifications

Blended Programs: Online and campus coursework

Degree Exit Requirements for the following majors:

(Reading Specialist, Master of Eduction, Certification in Early Childhood)

* All master candidates can choose one of the following exit assessments options:

  1. Thesis and thesis defense;
  2. An online professional portfolio and portfolio defense;
  3. An online exam.
These exit options are used in partial fulfillment for the Master of Education degree, i.e, one of these options must be completed in addition to thirty (30) credits of prescribed course work. The exit assessment must be completed in order to meet requirements. Click here for more information.