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With more than 6,100 students, Clarion offers world-class academic challenges and the kind of support and personal attention that allows you to thrive.

:: Our beautiful, 128-acre campus is nestled in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania.

:: We have a 19-to-1 student-faculty ratio.

:: There are more than 145 student organizations from which to choose. 

It all adds up to this: at Clarion, you will have the room to grow, discover and thrive.

This is true... the classroom, including 28 nationally accredited programs, where professors can zero in on the talents that make you unique. the community, where students are recognized by merchants on Main Street.

...and throughout the campus, where you can become involved in projects and student organizations that will challenge and inspire you from your first semester to graduation day.

Since 1867, Clarion University  has developed connections in the community and throughout the region, and we make sure those connections benefit our students.  It means that this university, and every experience you have in it, will be true to you and to what you want in an education.