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College of Arts and Sciences Data

2010-2011 Fact Book Data

Enrollment Trends & Data

Total Enrollment by State
Total Enrollment by PA County
Undergraduate Headcount by Class Level
Enrollment by Full-time/Part-time Status
Course FTE (Full-time equivalent)
Enrollment of all New Students, by Major

Majors, Minors, and Degrees Awarded

Data is provided on non-primary majors as well as primary majors.

Enrollment by Majors - Primary Majors Only
Enrollment by Majors - Primary Majors Plus Non-primary majors
Fall 2010 Majors, by Race & Gender - Primary Majors Only
Enrollment by Minors
Degrees Awarded by Major

Grades & QPA Data

Undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Averages
Grades Awarded in Undergraduate Classes

Staffing - Fall 2010

Instructional Faculty Full Time Equivalent
Instructional Faculty by Department and Gender