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Turnitin and Grademark are available through the Dropbox feature in Desire2Learn. The terminology is slightly different, however, the features have remained very similar.

Creating a Turnitin Assignment | Viewing and Assessing Assignments | FAQs

Creating a Turnitin Assignment

1. Log into D2L and choose the course in which you want to create a homepage.

2. Choose Dropbox from the navigation bar under the assessments tab.

3. Choose New Folder.


4. Name folder and select Enable for this Folder. By checking Enable for this folder, you have activated the Turnitin option. *Please note that once you save an assignment with Plagiarism Detection, you cannot remove the setting.


5. After enabling the Plagiarism detection, finish completing the rest of the steps to set up your Dropbox item and click Save.


6. Go back to your folder list to view your new item.


7. You should see an icon that has binoculars next to your newly created item.


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Viewing and Assessing Assignments

1. View your Dropbox submissions by selecting the title of the folder.

2. Each student name will be listed and will have their document they have submitted under their name. The originality results appear to the right, however you may have to submit it for originality checking if you enabled originality checking after it was submitted.


3. Once the originality report processes,there will be a colored bar which shows the percentage that their paper is similar to another source under the Reports header. You can click on the originality report icon to access TurnItIn. From there, you can switch to grademark to leave feedback.

4. This will bring you to TurnItIn's originality report screen where you can compare student sources.

5. By clicking on Grademark within TurnItIn, you can grade the item or leave any type of feedback that you choose.

If you want the students to see the Markup Icon, you will have to do one of two things.

1. Enable originality checking from the properties tab when setting up your Dropbox.

2. Enter a score in TurnItIn. This score is integrated with D2L Dropbox scoring.


6. When you exit TurnItIn you will see the Markup Icon in the D2L Dropbox feedback area and the option to use this score.


7. Upon clicking this icon, it will take you to the Markup option for the paper where you will be able to leave comments right on their electronic version of their paper for them to view. This should open in a new window. By selecting "Use This Score" the grade from TurnItIn can be used automatically for their D2L grade.

*Please note that you cannot grade the students' assignments from the Markup feature. Grades must be placed either through the feedback area in the Dropbox or through the enter grades section of the Gradebook.

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Q: How do I copy my Turnitin/Grademark Rubrics?

A: In the latest version of Grademark and the D2L integration, there is not an option to copy Rubrics from one course to another. Below is the work-around:

1. Go into Grademark as an instructor
2. Click on the link to the 'Previous Version' located in the lower right corner of the Grademark screen
3. This will take you back to the old version of Grademark.
4. In the old version, go to the 'Tools' tab, and select the Rubric Library.
5. Once there, you will be able to use the 'Import' and Export' buttons to copy the Rubrics to other courses.

Q: My students say that they don't have a Markup icon. Is there another way for them to view the feedback I put on their papers in Turnitin?

A: There is another way for students to access their feedback in Turnitin if the Markup icon is not available. The students can click on the Originality Report and toggle over to Grademark once in Turnitin. By default students can't see the Originality Report. In order to give students access to this feature, you will need to:

1. Edit the dropbox you are using by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the dropbox.
2. Scroll down to the Plagiarism Detection options.
3. Place a checkmark in the box that allows submitters to see Originality Reports.
4. Click Save.

Q: What is the minimum amount of words a document must contain in order to be submitted to Turnitin?

A: A document must contain a minimum of 20 words in order to be submitted and processed through Turnitin on D2L.