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Study German abroad


Live and study in Bamberg, Germany
Students have the opportunity to study for either one semester or a whole year abroad at Otto-Friedrich University in Bamberg,Germany.

Built on seven hills, like Rome, and nicknamed “Little Venice” because of its scenic canals, Bamberg is a small town in southern Germany that combines historic architecture with modern-day conveniences.

The university offers students the chance to study:
Business (including European Business), Computer Science, Education, Geography, History, Languages and Literatures (German and many others), Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Theology, and other subjects.

Before the semester starts, students can take an intensive German course to prepare them for the classroom environment. This course lasts for about three weeks.

Concerned about costs?
The costs for tuition are the same as Clarion costs. Student housing costs between 250 and 350 Euros per month.

Need a friend?
Clarion students will be paired up with a German student who will show them around the town of Bamberg and the university. This 'buddy system' lasts the entire time the student is in Bamberg, allowing easy access to information and a helping hand if needed.

For more information:

Dr. Robert Frakes
Department of History
Clarion University
Clarion, PA 16214

Fall Semester (Winter semester):
    Orientation and Intensive German Course begins mid-September
    Semester Dates: October 1–February 15

Spring Semester (Summer semester):
    Orientation and Intensive German Course begins mid-March
    Semester Dates: April 1–July 30


Tuition is paid to your home university. There is no extra tuition charge for studying in Bamberg.

Student housing costs between 250 and 350 Euros per month. All rooms are single rooms. Students share a kitchen and lounge area with others on their floor. Housing contracts are for 6 months, starting either September 1 or March 1. Contracts can be renewed. There is also the possibility of sub-letting your room if you need to leave before the contract is over.

Students can buy tickets for low-priced lunches in the student cafeteria. They are on their own for breakfast and dinner.  Supermarkets are located close to student housing, and kitchens are available on each floor of the student housing.