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Component Course Description


Venango Honors students may choose to enroll in Honors component courses.  To do so, students simply enroll in their regular classes as they normally would to satisfy their major's requirements and simply designate one of these courses as their Honors Component Course.  Students then contract with the course instructor, who serves as their faculty mentor, to complete an Honors project. 

This class and the chosen project will, ideally, cover topics which personally interest the students or satisfy a natural curiosity.  As a result, Honors component courses may be any course, other than developmental/remedial courses, offered at Venango College, and, therefore, be associated with all departments offering classes on the campus. 

Following the completion of each Honors component course project, students present their work during the Night of Excellence, which occurs at the end of each semester and is an element of the Venango Academic Excellence Series.

Sample Projects:

Spring 2009

Fall 2009