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This form is to be filled out by all non-resident aliens.
All information should be typed or printed plainly in English.
When the form is completed, send a non-refundable application
fee of $30 payable to Clarion University of Pennsylvania.
Use a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank. 
International graduate applicants should review the information
available on the Graduate Studies home page prior to completing
the application form below.

This application is for GRADUATE INTERNATIONAN
Applications  ONLY.

Personal Information
Last (Family)


Use the name as written in Passport
Present Address
Street Number

Town and City




Telephone Number

Fax Number

Email Address

Permanent address (in home country):

Country of Birth:
Date of Birth

Gender Citizenship

Father's Full Name


Mother's Full Name


Person to notify in case of emergency:

In the United States
Relationship to you



In your home country:
Relationship to you



 Entrance Date:  



If you are already in the United States,
you are required to answer the following:

When did you enter the United States? 

What type of visa do you hold?
F-1 (student)       J-1 (exchange visitor)     

B-1 or B-2        

Other (specify)

f you are a student, in which institution are you currently enrolled?

School Name

School Address

If you are an exchange visitor, answer the following:

What category  

student   trainee  teacher   professor  

research scholar   specialist   international visitor

Who is your sponsor?


Educational Background
List below in chronological order, with dates, the colleges/universities you have attended.  

College / University

Name of College/University   


Dates of Attendance
From      (mo., yr.)  
To (mo., yr.)

Certificate degree or diploma received                  
Date Received  (mo.,yr.)

Name of College/University   


Dates of Attendance
From   (mo., yr.)
To (mo., yr.)
Certificate degree or diploma received

Date Received


Name of College/University   

Dates of Attendance
From      (mo., yr.)  
To (mo., yr.)

Certificate degree or diploma received                  
Date Received  (mo.,yr.)

Name of College/University


Dates of Attendance
From      (mo., yr.)  
To (mo., yr.)

Certificate degree or diploma received                  
Date Received  (mo.,yr.)

Individuals seeking regular full admission to a graduate program must meet the minimum admission requirements for the Division of Graduate Studies and any additional requirements of the program.  To meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Division of Graduate Studies international applicants must provide evidence of:

                      (1)  A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an acceptably accredited college or university.  International applicants must have their complete academic records (transcripts, mark sheets, certificates) evaluated by one of the following professional credential evaluating services:

                     WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES (WES) (



Applicants should request WES or ECE to forward the evaluation results directly to the Clarion University Graduate Admissions Office.  In addition, you are required to  submit copies of the same items (transcripts, mark sheets, certificates) in the original language AND a certified English translation using the same format.  These documents also should be forwarded to the Clarion University Graduate Admissions Office.  Please note that evaluations must be received directly from WES or ECE; unofficial copies will not be accepted.   Individuals who have not yet completed the baccalaureate degree may send transcripts for course work completed in the original language AND a certified English translation, along with application materials.  However, the WES or ECE evaluation of final transcripts, mark sheets, and/or certificates showing the completion of the course work and the degree will be required.

                      (2)  A minimum quality-point average of 2.75/4.00 scale at the undergraduate level.  Some programs require a higher undergraduate quality-point average.  Please review the program admission requirements listed on the “Checklist for Completion of Graduate Application.”

Individuals not meeting the quality-point average requirement of a graduate program may be eligible for regular admission when the lower quality-point average is evaluated in terms of supplementary factors, including recommendations, examination scores on such instruments as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), and/or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT), or achievement in graduate-level course work.  Information regarding the GRE, GMAT, or MAT may be obtained from the Division of Graduate Studies.

Applicants should refer to the admission requirements on the enclosed “Checklist for Completion of Graduate Application.”  Also, applicants should follow the directions outlined on the “General Information on Procedures for Applying to Clarion University Graduate Programs” sheet.

Click here for information on TOEFL or IELTS test scores. 


Please indicate the names of tests ( GMAT, GRE, MAT, TOEFL-IELTS) you will take or have taken, and the date of the test:

  Test                         Date

  Test                         Date

What is your intended program of study (For a listing of academic choices, please click)

How did you learn about Clarion University?

Financial Information

IMPORTANT: U.S. visa regulations require a letter of acceptance to the University, satisfactory evidence of financial support for the proposed program of study, and a Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student (Form I-20) You will need to complete and return the original copy of the Financial Support Statement to the Office of International Programs, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, 840 Wood Street, Clarion,Pennsylvania, 16214-1232  The form will be available after you submit your application form.

It is the policy of Clarion university of Pennsylvania that there shall be equal opportunity in all of its educational programs, services, and benefits, and there shall be no discrimination with regard to a student's or prospective student's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability age, sexual orientation/affection veteran status or any other factors that are not in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. Direct equal opportunity inquiries to: Assistant to the President for Social Equity, 207 Carrier Administration Building Clarion, PA, 16214-1232, 814-393-2000.

By clicking SUBMIT, I certify that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate, and I understand that submission of inaccurate information can be considered sufficient cause for denying or terminating my enrollment at Clarion University.