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Why Honors?


Mary Hulse - Nursing Major

"I was rather hesitant to join the Honors Program because of the extra work and the co-curricular requirements. However, I was also hesitant to turn down the opportunity it represented as far as my studies were concerned. I decided to try the program as I could withdraw if it did not work for me.  Now, I could not imagine withdrawing from the program. Yes, there is extra work involved but also tremendous opportunity. Not only am I able to further explore academic areas of interest to me but I also have a wealth of new resources available to support my exploration in those areas. All in all it has been a pretty tremendous experience so far and I look forward to continuing my participation in the program."


Robin Zerres - Nursing Major

"I'm a returning adult student at Venango Campus, with a family and job.  I am really busy with my nursing classes, but I really like the opportunity to take some of my favorite studies further and interact closely with my peers and faculty mentor. I was a little nervous about taking on an extra commitment, but it is one I am glad I've stuck to. The field trip and co-curricular activities are hard to fit in sometimes, but the chance to share with fellow Honors students and the Honors advisers is positive as well. I get a lot of support from my peers in things unrelated to Honors as well, like being a mom, wife, nursing student, returning adult student, etc. It's nice to have a common ground to share with traditional students too; they are pretty helpful in their input and conversations are lots of fun at open forums and when we're all carpooling to an event."


Dawna Zimmerman - Criminal Justice Major

"I joined the Venango Honors Program to challenge myself with my education.  I was not sure about joining at first because my class schedule is full and being a mother it's hard to juggle kids, house, school, etc.  I have found that other members of the Honors Program are very supportive in my journey as they, too, have similar interests and schedules.  Even though at moments it seems difficult to find time for everything necessary with studying, I have found that the component course is helping my studies in each of my other classes.  I would recommend that everyone strive for the Honors Program as it not only gives you the opportunity to form bonds with other students and instructors, it is an amazing journey of self-discovery!"