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The Dropbox lets you submit assignments through the Learning Environment, eliminating the need to mail, fax, or email assignments. Simply upload your assignment to the appropriate folder.

Accessing the Dropbox Tool | Submitting Assignments | Adding Audio | Group Assignment Folders
Reviewing Your Submission History | Viewing Feedback

 Accessing the Dropbox Tool

To access the Dropbox tool, select Dropbox from the drop down menu in the Assessments tab.


From the Folder List page you can view:

  • A list of assignment folders and related attachments, if any.

  • Whether folders are for group or personal assignments.

  • The number of assignments that you submitted to each folder.

  • Whether feedback, including grades and rubric scores, has been left for you.


 Submitting Assignments

From the Dropbox Folder list page, click the name of the folder that you want to submit an assignment to, and then do the following:


1. Click on the Add a File button.

2. On the next screen, click the "Upload" button to navigate to the file you want to upload. Or, simply drag your file over the dashed placeholder and "drop it". You can repeat this process to add multiple files if needed. Once all files have been located,  Click "Add".


3. Click on the Submit button to finish uploading the files to D2L dropbox folder.

4. You will receive a confirmation notification that the file(s) were successfully submitted. In addition, you will get and email "receipt" of of the date/time of submission.  If you do not see the "on screen" notification (see image below) or email receipt, then your file was NOT submitted successfully. This could happen if your internet connection timed out or dropped, for instance.


5. Click "Done" to Exit.

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Adding an Audio Recording

From the Dropbox main page, select the folder you want to submit files to and do the following in order to add an audio recording to the file(s):

1. Click the Record Audio button.


2. Before you can make a recording, you must be sure to allow D2L to access your microphone by clicking the boxes next to "allow" and "remember" when this message appears:


3. On the pop-up screen, select the record (red circle) button and begin speaking into your microphone.

4. Press the play button to the right of the record button to listen to your recording, if you are not satisfied with it, repeat step 2.


5. Once you are finished, press the "add" button.

6. Add comments, if desired, and click "submit."

 Group Assignment Folders

Group dropbox folders have a Group Folder icon beside their name. Any user in your group can submit files to the group folder. The Submissions column in the Folder List lets you know how many files your group submitted. The Submission History page provides details on who submitted files and when. Feedback, including grades, associated with group folders applies to the entire group.

 Reviewing Your Submission History


1. On the Dropbox Folders page, click on the History button.

2. Click on the Folder you want to view submissions for.

A list of submitted files displays on the Submission History page. You can check each file's size, when it is submitted, whether comments were included with it, and who has retrieved it. For group dropbox folders you can check who submitted each file.

Unread Icon: The file has not been retrieved.

Read Icon: The file has been retrieved. (It may not have been read or graded.)

 Viewing Feedback


1. From the Dropbox Folders page, click the View icon in the Feedback column for a folder.

2. View your comments, grades, and/or rubric achievement.

3. Click Download All Files to download any attachments.

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