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You can use the Classlist to see who's enrolled in your course, check who's online, or to send emails and pages.

Accessing the Classlist | Editing Your Profile | Checking Who's Online | Viewing Your Profile and Progress | Printing Classlist

 Accessing the Classlist

1. In the navbar at the top of the page, select Classlist from the Communication drop down menu.


Refer to this image for the next sections:


Editing Your Profile

       1.  By clicking on your profile picture, you can edit your picture and information for your D2L profile.

 Checking Who's Online

2. The Online status symbol is a green dot and displays beside the names of other users who are currently online.

 Viewing Your Profile and Progress

Click the drop down arrow next to your name and select "View Progress" to track your progress through the course.


  The Home icon allows you to go to the homepage of a fellow classmate or professor if they have one set up.


  The Progress icon allows you to track your progress through the course.

Printing Classlist

       4. To print out a copy of the classlist, check the box next to the users you would like to print and click the print button.

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