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The email tool in D2L is configured as send-only.  You cannot receive any email messages through D2L.  You will need to use your Eagle Mail account for receiving email from your instructor or other students in your courses.


Sending Email from Your D2L Course

1. Log into D2L and enter your course.

2. In the navbar at the top of the page, select Classlist from the Communication drop down menu.



3. The Classlist tool will show the students in your course. 

a. To email all students in your course, select Email at the top of the frame.


b. To email specific instructor(s) or student(s), select the checkbox(es) next to their names, then click the small Email icon at the top or bottom of the classlist.



4. A new window will pop up.  The Bcc: field will be filled in automatically.  You do not have to type anything into the To: field.  Type the subject in the subject line, then type your message in the box provided. 

5. Optional: You can also attach files to send to the recipient(s) if desired.  To do so, click the Browse button and select the file you want to send.  Then click the Add button. 

6. When you are ready, click the Send button to send the email.


Also, the sender can go into their Account Settings under their name and check mark the boxes to send and save a copy of the outgoing mail to yourself.



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