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Course Content

 Course Content

Content is where you find course materials such as the syllabus, lecture notes, and readings.

Accessing Course Content | Viewing Course Content | Navigating Course Content

 Accessing Course Content

Click on the Content link in the course Navigation Bar.


 Viewing Course Content

When you access the Content tool, you will see the table of contents depicting the structure of the course materials.


 Navigating Course Content

When you select a content link, you will be directed to a  page containing a more compact course Content Map in the left panel with the content item displaying in the main content frame. Users can navigate through the course material using the content navigation tools, show/hide the content map, or open content in a new window. Alternately, click on Bookmark to create a quick link to frequently visited content.

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Bookmarks can then be selected from the Table of Contents view, to quickly jump to frequently accessed items, or deleted.