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Lights, Camera, Action. Zoom In on Ryan Litzinger in 3,2,1...


Ryan Litzinger began his college career at an art institute, but knew he needed hands-on television experience to make the transition to a professional broadcasting career. Where could he get this experience? 

[CUE: Clarion University]

He transferred to Clarion and wasted no time getting involved with WCUB-TV, the university's student-run television station.  Success came quickly.  During his freshman year he secured a seat on the station's executive board - a position that offered him valuable, real-world experience.  Could he have gotten this type of opportunity at a larger school? Perhaps.  But, most likely not during his freshman year.

Ryan worked hard and joined the ranks of other students excelling in broadcasting at Clarion.  He produced two shows:  The Buzz, featuring TV, video games, and music industry news; and Invaders, similar to MTV's Cribs, focusing on student living environments at Clarion.

He continued to stretch and build his portfolio.  In fact, he used what he learned at Clarion to create music videos for two up-and-coming Pittsburgh artists.

The Clarion environment, which fosters collaboration among students, helped Ryan stay on top of his game:  "You can generate great ideas by tossing them around with other people in the studio," Ryan noted. 

Ryan had no problem transitioning from TV to radio.  As a DJ for the student radio station, 91.7 WCUC-FM, he produced and hosts the three-hour show, Ryan and Roommate Mark Show on Friday evenings, which features hits from the 90's.

"I always wanted to do a live show," Ryan said.  "At Clarion, I'm on the air three hours every week.  Live radio forces you to step up your game, giving me the experience I need to compete in broadcasting after graduation."

When he  leaves Clarion this fall with a degree in communication, he plans tackle the Pittsburgh market.

"If you are passionate about broadcasting, willing to learn everything you can about it, and get a lot of hands-on experience, you can succeed in this profession," Ryan concluded.  "Clarion gave me the opportunities and I took full advantage of each one."

[FADE OUT...for now]

Ryan is poised for a successful career in broadcasting.  We hope he remembers where it all began.  At Clarion.