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Science and Technology Center

Science and Technology Center

Science continues to expand as does the business of science technology.
  As new career options emerge, Clarion University is preparing its students to succeed in these fields.  How?  By providing a state-of-the-art, hands-on laboratory experience through the new, $31 million Science and Technology Center.

New Home for Core Programs
The Joseph P. Grunenwald Center for Science and Technology houses many of Clarion University's core programs -- including mathematics, chemistry, physics, geography, earth science, geology, molecular biology/biotechnology, and anthropology -- and makes extensive use of IS-geographical information systems and labs.

Ideal Location for Students
Clarion is geographically situated next to an important outdoor learning laboratory, comprised of Cook Forest-an old growth forest representing vestiges of our country's ecosystem before the intrusion of humans-and French Creek, a biodiverse stream identified by the Nature Conservancy as a globally significant watershed and "one of the last great places in the United States."  The close proximity to a living laboratory provides Clarion science students with unique study opportunities in environmental science and sustainable technologies.

LEED Certified Building
The project is expected to be one of few LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified science buildings in the country and possibly the first certified public university building in Pennsylvania. LEED certification requires meeting national standards and reflects facilities that best meet sustainable environmental energy concerns.



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