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You can use the Discussions tool to encourage conversation between students and instructors online.  The D2L Discussions tool acts as a basic online discussion board, in which the instructor creates forums and topics that students may post within.

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 Accessing Discussions

1. Log into D2L and enter your course.

2. In the navbar at the top of the page, click the Discussions link under the drop-down menu in the Communication tab.




Teaching with Discussions


- Why can't I see more than 20 posts in the discussion board?

The 20 posts refers to 20 original posts, this number does not include replies. If you cannot see all of the original posts, you will be able to move onto page two. If you can't access a page two, chances are all of your posts are actually on the first page.

- Do I have to have forums?

You must have at least one FORUM in order to add topics.

-Do I have to have topics?

You must have a TOPIC area so students can post.

- What is the difference between locking and hiding a forum or topic?

Locking a forum or a topic will still allow the students to view the forum or topic; however, they will not be able to post on it until you unlock it. Hiding the forum or topic will make it essentially invisible to your students.