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Master's Degree Requirements

Requirements for Graduation

To fulfill the degree requirements for graduation you must complete 36 semester hours, including required courses, with a GPA of 3.00 or better on a 4.00 scale and achieving a passing grade of "C" or above for any course.

There is also a media writing competency for which MMAJ 140: Writing for Media may be required if sufficient background is not obtained through previous course work or experience as demonstrated through writing samples or testing. This decision will be made in consultation with your adviser.

MMAJ Master's Degree Checksheet Upon enrollment, students should review their degree requirements online through their MyClarion accounts. 

Degree Requirements 

The following courses are required of all students graduating with a Master of Science degree in Mass Media Arts and Journalism:

MMAJ 525: Mass Communication Theory                                                                          

MMAJ 551: Public Relations Foundations

MMAJ 552: Journalism Foundations

MMAJ 558: Society, Law, and Media Technology                                                                

MMAJ 559: Management of the Communication Process                                                     

MMAJ 621: Mass Communication Research                                                                      

MMAJ 641: Professional Communication Writing OR                                                           

MMAJ 642: Advanced Public Relations Writing

Choose one: MMAJ or CMST 500/600-level course in focused area of interest

Choose one:                                                                                                                    

MMAJ 700: Thesis                                                        

MMAJ 701: Communication Internship                                                                                

MMAJ 702: Communication Portfolio

Choose two electives from among 400/600-level MMAJ or CMST graduate courses                      

*Only one 400-level course may be taken.

Total  36 credits

Students must file for candidacy at the end of their second semester, specifying a three-member committee for their 700 level course work. At least two of the three members of the committee should be faculty from the Department of Communication. Committee members must have graduate faculty status.