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Prezzano presents archaeology program
Dr. Susan Prezzano, professor of anthropology at Clarion University, presented "Archaeology at the Margins: Late Woodland Period Occupation of the Upper Susquehanna and Allegheny Valleys" as part of the spring 2008 Faculty Author Seminar Series.

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The presentation revolved around PrezzanoÆs former and ongoing research in anthropology. She explained that she was drawn to the field of anthropology, which she defines as, "what it means to be human," because, "itÆs diverse, social and humanistic."
Prezzano is the co-author of the book, "Archaeology of the Appalachian Highlands," with Lynne Sullivan. She has also co-edited and contributed articles to other publications. She chose three books for placement in Carlson Library. Although not her own work, she believes them to be a helpful aid in comparison studies and for the students taking her courses.
Her main interests revolve around the relationships of humans to their environments, especially egalitarian societies, in which everyone had equal access to wealth, power and prestige. She is also concerned with what mechanisms and aspects maintain the equality in these societies.
She is attracted to places that are considered "marginal," to where the Iroquois lived in historic times and focuses on a period dating back 1,000 years. She is also interested in researching the transition to agricultural village life.
As a graduate student, Prezzano organized several undergraduate field schools. She believes field schools benefit archaeologists and students through collaborative activities. She continues to operate field school activities for Clarion University.
Prezzano joined the Clarion University faculty in 1997. She received her B.A. from State University College û Geneseo and M.A. and Ph. D. from State University of New York û Binghamton.
The series continues on Feb. 20 at noon, Level A of Carlson Library, with Dr. Miguel Olivas-Lujan, professor of administrative science, presenting, "Studying Women in the Americas: The Process and Key Findings." The program is free and open to the public.
The Faculty Author Seminar Series in hosted by the Faculty Senate Faculty Affairs Committee and the University Libraries. The funding is provided by the Clarion University-Wide Faculty Development CommitteeÆs Presidential Advancement Award from 2007-2010. The series establishes a forum to share scholarly activities with the university campus community and provides the opportunity to foster collegial relationships among different academic disciplines.