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Eagle Mail FAQ for Employees

Does anything change with my Clarion employee e-mail account?

No. Eagle Mail only impacts student account (s_username). There are no changes to the Employee E-mail service.

What is Eagle Mail?

Eagle Mail is the new e-mail service for Clarion University students.  Eagle Mail is being provided in partnership with Microsoft as part of their Live@Edu service.  Eagle Mail will provide students with a new e-mail address and greatly expanded e-mail service including 10GB e-mail quotas and the option to keep their e-mail address after they graduate.  For more information, see the Eagle Mail overview page.

What will change for the students?

Under Eagle Mail, new e-mail addresses will be assigned to all students.  In the past, a student's Clarion username and Clarion e-mail address were the same --  With the deployment of this new service, students were assigned a new e-mail address.  The format of the new student e-mail addresses is (where F is first initial and M is middle initial).  For example,  Jane Q. User will have an e-mail address of  A numeric suffix will be added to  the  end of the last name if there are identical name (ex.

Starting February 16-FEB-2010, all new student e-mail will be delivered to the new e-mail address.  Messages directed to the old e-mail address ( will be automatically redirected to the new e-mail address ( for the rest of the Spring 2010 semester.

Where do I find the new e-mail addresses for students?

The on-line student directory will be updated to list the Eagle Mail e-mail address and the Clarion Username. The e-mail address fields in Web for Faculty, SIS, Blackboard, and campus listserv's will also be updated to use the new student e-mail addresses.

What if I use the old student e-mail address?

For the rest of the spring semester, messages sent to the old student e-mail addresses ( will be automatically forwarded to the new student e-mail address ( Aliases have also been established with each Eagle Mail account so that any messages mistakenly sent to will also be delivered to the  Note that the alias is just a transition feature, so for Summer Pre-session 2010 and forward please be sure to use the new format.

What will not change for students?

Students will continue to use their Clarion username ( to login to other campus services such as the iClarion portal, Blackboard, and computer labs. 

The Eagle Mail service only pertains to student "s_"  accounts.  All other campus e-mail accounts and related services remain the same.

What about the old mail messages that students may have saved in iClarion?

Starting on 16-FEB-2010, students will have access to a utility (on the Eagle Mail web site) that they can use to transfer old messages from their old iClarion INBOX to their new Eagle Mail account. Students will have access to their old iClarion messages until the end of the Spring 2010 semester.

Where can I learn more about the Eagle Mail service?

See the Eagle Mail web site.