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Eagle Mail Getting Started Guide

Step By Step Directions to Start Using Eagle Mail

Upon your enrollment at the university, you will be sent a letter via postal mail that will outline your computer account names and your initial password.  Note: The format of Eagle Mail e-mail addresses is (where F is first initial, M is middle initial). A numeric suffix will be added to the end of Lastname if there are identical names. For example,,  Note: The password is case sensitive; enter it exactly as it appears in the letter. Your eagle mail address is not case sensitive.

If you are trying to setup a 'iDevice' such as an iPod, iPhone, or iPad [click here] for detailed instructions.


  1. Go to the Eagle Mail Login Page -- Mail.Eagle.Clarion.Edu

  2. Enter your full Eagle Mail E-mail Address ( in the WindowsLive ID: field
  3. Enter your Intial Eagle Mail password in the Password: field  (passwords are case sensitive -- enter the password exactly as it appears in your letter)
  4. You will now be presented with a form to provide some one-time setup information for your Eagle Mail account.  For a screen shot of these steps, please click here The detailed steps within the form as as follows:
    • Under "Verify your Information", enter your Initial Eagle Mail Password
    • Under "Change Your Password", enter a new password, retype the new password, and select "Make my password expire every 72 days". This password is exclusively for use with your Eagle Mail account. We encourage you to make this password different than your iClarion username and Blackboard passwords. Select a good, strong password. You can use numbers or special characters to make this password distinct from passwords you use with other services. For more information about choosing good passwords, see our Safe Computing - Passwords site.
    • The next sections of the form collect information from you that will be needed if you ever forget your Eagle Mail password.
    • Under "Select a question and secret answer", select a question from the list and enter an answer.
    • Under "Add an alternate e-mail address", enter your home or personal e-mail address; DO NOT ENTER your Clarion e-mail address.  Again, this information will be used if you ever forget your Eagle Mail password.
    • Under "Your Information", select a country and state from the list.  Enter your zip code  (note: the Clarion zip code is 16214).
    • Enter your birth year.  Don't make it up -- enter your true birth year.
    • Review your information for accuracy. Select "I accept".
  5. With the initial account information submitted, the screen will reload and you will be asked to log into your account.
  6. Select "Sign into Windows Live".
  7. Enter your full Eagle Mail Address ( in the WindowLive ID field
  8. Enter your Eagle Mail password
  9. Under "Time Zone", select "(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time Zone" from the list.
  10. Select "OK"

Your Eagle Mail account is ready to go!  You'll be placed directly into the Outlook Live web interface for your e-mail.

To log in to Eagle Mail in the future or to obtain additional information about the service, please go to