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ILLiad Instructions


The Clarion University Libraries and ILLiad

ILLiad is a method of InterLibrary Loaning materials such as books, articles, book chapters, etc.

  • To find ILLiad, please go to the following link

  • To log into the site for the first time, you need your Clarion username and Password.  This is the username you use to log into the iClarion Portal, Desire2Learn, and Campus Computer labs.

  • Note: Your username looks something like... s_absmith Do not add "" to your username when logging in to ILLiad.

  • When you login the first time, you will have to supply information pertaining to your address, e-mail, status, and employee or student ID number.  Please update your personal information whenever necessary so that mailed materials arrive in a timely manner.

  • Once this information is added you will be taken to the Main Menu screen. Along the left hand side of the main menu screen the following is listed:


Logoff (Your Name)

Main Menu

Note: To request an item, choose the appropriate link and complete the form. The form will ask for basic information such as: Title, Author, Pages needed, Date of Publication, etc. To submit your form, find the Submit Button near the bottom and click.

  • New Request

    • Article

    • Book

    • Book Chapter

    • Conference Paper

    • ERIC Document

    • Dissertation/Thesis

  • View

    • Outstanding Requests: This allows you to view and see the process of all requests not yet received.

    • Electronically Received Articles: If you receive notification that you have received an article, this is the link you would use in order to locate that item. Articles can be viewed for 30 days before they disappear from this link.

    • Checked Out Items: If you have received a book, you can view the request for that book here. It will tell you the due date and will allow you to ask for a renewal of that book.

    • Canceled Requests: If a request has been canceled by ILL staff or by you, it will be held in this link for infinity. If you ever wish to resubmit this request, just click on the "Resubmit Request" button and the process is started all over again.

    • Request History: allows you to view "Finished" book requests.

    • All Requests: This link allows you to view all requests you have ever made.

    • Notifications: This link allows you to view any notifications you have received via e-mail

  • Tools

    • Change User Information: This link allows you to edit your personal information, such as your address.

  • About ILLiad

    • Contains copyright information.


If you have any problems with this service, please contact Ginger McGiffin, ILL Dept. supervisor, at 814-393-2481. For technical issues, contact Bill Trimble, IT Systems Manager, at 393-2017.

Last Updated: September, 2013