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Connecting To The Libraries' On-line Resources
From Off-Campus

Clarion University provides two ways of connecting to online resources from an off-campus location!  After you have selected a database or other resource requiring authentication, you will be prompted to log in.  AS THE AUTHENTICATION PROCESS CONVERTS TO SHIBBOLETH IN SPRING 2013, A SECOND LOG IN SCREEN WILL APPEAR.


1.     You can use your Library ID Number and Last Name (the option on the left-hand side of the screen)

  • Enter Clarion (Library) ID number and last name

    • Students: Your Library ID number is 9 + your Clarion ID number

      • Example: If Clarion ID is "12345678," Library ID Login is "912345678" (without the quotes, of course)

        • If you don't know your Clarion ID, find instructions here.

    • Employees: Your Library ID Login is a nine digit number consisting of a series of leading zeros followed by your employee ID number (Use enough preceding zeros to create a nine-digit number.)

      • Example: If employee ID number (check your paystub) is "98765," Library ID Login is "000098765" (without the quotes, of course)

2.     Log In Using Your Clarion Username and Password (the option on the right-hand side of the screen)

  • Select "Clarion University" from the "Institution" drop-down box, wait a few seconds and another log in screen will appear.

    • Log in using MyClarion username (without the "") and MyClarion password

      • Student Example: "Adam B. Clark" would log in as: s_abclark

      • Faculty/Staff Example: "Adam B. Clark" would log in as: aclark

If you are having problems with your username/password, you may need to synchronize your password. To do this, go to "Change MyClarion Password" and follow the instructions provided by the Office of Computing Services.

If you continue to have trouble connecting to the library's databases, contact Bill Trimble, Systems Administrator at 814-393-2017 or send him an email at the Libraries' Systems Office.

Use of these services is restricted to registered students, faculty, and staff employees at Clarion University.

Last Updated: September, 2013