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Besides the Physics Department office and standard classrooms, we also have

  • a lounge/library for physics students
  • a Physical Science Teaching Laboratory
  • a Computer-Based Teaching Laboratory,
  • an upper-level Electronics Laboratory,
  • an upper-level Optics Laboratory,
  • an Atomic & Nuclear Physics Laboratory,
  • an upper-level Nanotechnology Laboratory,
  • a machine/instrument shop, and several stockrooms.


Physics students have access to an increasing array of equipment at Clarion. Our most recent acquisitions were bought with part of a $200,000 DCED grant, awarded in 2005 and matched by the Penn State Nanofab Facility. Thanks to this award, students in our nanotechnology laboratory can now study microfluidics and nanoparticle self-assembly.

At Clarion, we encourage our students to use even our best equipment!
Some of the equipment that we like most includes:

  • Leybold Didactic X-ray Apparatus (with variable wavelength)
    For X-ray transmission absorbance scans, it also has an angle-sensitive detector for determining atomic crystal structure, and can be computer-controlled for measuring surface properties by reflection.

  • Nanosurf Scanning Tunneling Microscope (with atomic resolution)
    what could be cooler than probing individual atoms?!

  • Olympus inverted microscope (with EPIX PIXCI digital video capture from a Hitachi color CCD camera)
    Our set-up includes a reflected fluorescence system, and has already been integrated into the new nanotechnology course, for watching microfluidics.

  • Nanosurf Atomic Force Microscope (with nanometer resolution)

  • Ocean Optics UV/VIS fiber optic spectrometer (with 2024 channel resolution)

  • Varian 4" Research Electromagnet (with changeable pole shapes)
    It has a very stable 2 kiloWatt power supply, for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance studies of compounds, for Electron-Spin Resonance studies of molecular bonds, and for measuring magneto-optical properties of materials.

  • Spin Coater

  • Evaporator

  • An Assortment of Lasers/ Laser Table