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Clarion University Scholarships

The following information illustrates the many scholarship opportunities available to students at Clarion University. If you are unclear about any of the information below, please call Admissions at 814-393-2306.

Use the tool filters below to narrow your scholarship search based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu -- select incoming freshman or current student). Another filter is Other Scholarships, not based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu - freshman or current students). Contact person for current students is the scholarship chair listed in the scholarship description of this site or handled by the chair of the academic department.

You can also access a list of the following scholarships:

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Scholarship TitleScholarship Description
Lorraine I. Johnson Mathematics Scholarship Endowment

Lorraine I. Johnson Mathematics Scholarship Endowment: This scholarship was created by Ms. Lorraine Johnson, Clarion Class of 1933, in honor of two of her mentors, Dr. J.W.F. Wilkinson and Mr. C. Fred Becker. Both educators had a great deal of influence as a part of her education at Clarion. Dr. Wilkinson served Clarion from 1898 until retirement in 1935. For 31 years, he served as Dean of the Mathematics department and was acting Principal of the Clarion State Normal School in 1926 and again in 1928. Mr. Becker served Clarion for 24 years until his retirement in 1948. He taught a wide variety of courses in professional education, and in addition, was for many years the Director of the Office of Student Teaching & Placement. To be considered for the scholarship, candidate must be full time student enrolled in the major area of mathematics or secondary education mathematics. Additionally, the candidate must demonstrate financial need via the current FAFSA form, and demonstrate academic success by achieving a minimum high school grade point average of a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. The scholarship can be renewable for the incoming freshman winner based on quality work at the college level. Students will be automatically considered for the scholarship by the Office of Scholarship Administration. FAFSA should be on file by March 1.

Helen and Lawrence Smith Scholarship

These scholarships are made possible by an endowment established by Mrs. Helen Smith in memory of her husband. Applicants must be full-time students at the junior or senior level majoring in library science or mathematics, must have completed at least 64 credits, and have a QPA of 3.0 or higher. The scholarships are available for a second year, provided students maintain the academic standards required. Contact the chair for Library Science at 814-393-2271.

Fred L. and June McCall Burns & Family Scholarship

This sophomore year scholarship established by Dr. Max H. Burns in honor of his parents Fred and June McCall Burns. Current student must be seeking a degree in Music, Drama or Mathematics or in the Education fields of Music, Drama or Mathematics, and possess excellent grades at Clarion. Contact the Scholarship Administrator in the Admissions Office for additional information.  Deadline for consideration is March 17.

Calculus Scholarship

This scholarship is for a declared mathematics major who achieves the highest score on a standardized calculus test. Students must be recommended by faculty members to take the test. The award is available annually through the Mathematics Department Endowment Fund. For further information contact the chair of the Mathematics Department at 814-393-2592.

The Ruth Bleakney Montgomery Science/Mathematics Scholarship

This scholarship established by Ron and Judy Montgomery in memory of Ron's mother Ruth. This endowment encourages students from Armstrong, Jefferson and Clarion Counties (preference given to Armstrong) with high achievement measured by their high school class rank and SAT score and also excellent academic performance at Clarion University to seek higher education. They must be of sophomore, junior or senior standing (with preference given to sophomores). Candidates must have declared a B.S. in a traditional science or mathematics major. Previous recipients may receive the award up to a total of three times. Applicants must apply no later than one week after grades are available for the spring semester. Please contact the office of the Dean of Arts and Science at 814-393-2328.

William and Elizabeth Hart Scholarship

This scholarship established to honor former chemistry professor Dr. William Hart. Currently, two scholarships are awarded and can be used to pay for tuition, room, board, and some miscellaneous fees, including books. Applicants must major in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography/earth science, or biology and have completed 45 credits. They must have a QPA of 3.0 overall and 3.3 in mathematics and science course work. Selection shall be made by competitive examination, testing the student's ability in mathematics and English. Application deadline is late February. Contact the Scholarship Committee chair, Dr. Ben Freed, at 814-393-2592 for additional information.

Mathematics Freshman Scholarship

This scholarship is for incoming freshman mathematics major. To be considered, students must have outstanding SAT math score and excellent high school grades. For more information contact the Mathematics Department Chair at 814-393-2592. Deadline date is February 15.

John F. Kuhn Mathematics Scholarship

This scholarship fund established by Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Gendler, with the support of the entire Mathematics Department, to honor the memory of Provost Kuhn by providing scholarships to attract students from under represented classes to study mathematics at Clarion University. Candidates must have applied for admission to Clarion University with the intent to be a full time undergraduate student. They must be a member of an under represented class and planning to major in mathematics or mathematics education. QPA, class rank, SAT or ACT scores and recommendations from mathematics teachers measured by the admissions file.

Marlin and Cleva Hartman Scholarship

Established by Marlin Hartman, Class of 1959, and Cleva Haight Hartman, Class of 1959, for an incoming freshman that is a son or daughter of a United States veteran. Financial need is also considered. First preference is for a Math or Math Education major. Second preference is for an Elementary Education major. Strength of academic credential is also influential. Submit DD214 along with letter requesting to be considered to the Scholarship Administrator in the Clarion University Admissions Office. Scholarship awarded by March 1.