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Clarion University Scholarships

The following information illustrates the many scholarship opportunities available to students at Clarion University. If you are unclear about any of the information below, please call Admissions at 814-393-2306.

Use the tool filters below to narrow your scholarship search based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu -- select incoming freshman or current student). Another filter is Other Scholarships, not based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu - freshman or current students). Contact person for current students is the scholarship chair listed in the scholarship description of this site or handled by the chair of the academic department.

You can also access a list of the following scholarships:

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Scholarship TitleScholarship Description
Field-Brock-Coburn Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. Edward L. Mattil for the purpose of honoring Blanche Field Brock, Class of 1957 and her daughter, Earla Brock Coburn, Class of 1949. A gift by Mrs. Coburn honoring three generations of Clarion graduates - Mrs. Brock, herself and her daughter, Kathryn Coburn Peer, Class of 1978 completed the endowment. All three had wonderful educational experiences and careers. The scholarship fund is intended for promising students studying Library Science who demonstrate financial need. To be automatically considered, candidates should be accepted at Clarion University as an incoming Library Science major. Candidates must demonstrate financial need as determined by FAFSA. Preference will be given to incoming freshmen resident or commuting students attending the Clarion Campus.

Charles R. Flack Scholarship in Library Science

This endowed scholarship established in memory of Charles R. Flack, former head of the Department of Library Science at Clarion. This scholarship is offered to a sophomore or junior enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Education degree at Clarion or in the Master of Science in Library Science degree program for full-time continuous study. Further criteria include evidence of professional potential in librarianship based upon earned grades and a written statement of personal and professional goals; significant contributions to the purposes and activities of the Department of Library Science; and preference shall be given to a physically challenged student who meets the above criteria. Contact the department chair at 814-393-2271 for more information.

Eleanor DeWald Moore Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes Mrs. Eleanor DeWald Moore, an alumna of Clarion ('42), an associate professor 1956 to 1972, serving first as assistant librarian in Carlson Library and later as a faculty member of the College of Library Science. This fund provides an award to an undergraduate student of junior or senior standing who is preparing for a career in school librarianship. Selection criteria include professional potential in librarianship based upon earned grades and a written statement of personal and professional goals. Contact the chair of the Department of Library Science at (814) 393-2271 for information.

Helen Ferry Shields Scholarship

Established in memory of Clarion Alumnae, Helen Ferry Shields, to honor her and her work in the field of Library Science.  Helen worked in public and school libraries, and volunteered with church libraries and university archives.  The endowment will provide three annual scholarships: an award for a incoming freshman or sophomore transfer student from western Pennsylvania, who has declared an intent to major in library science (automatic consideration by Admissions); an award for a junior or senior library science major who has demonstrated a strong academic record and made significant contributions to the department; and an award  for a student intending to enter the graduate program in library science, with priority for a returning or non-traditional student. Contact person is Chair of Library Science for the 2nd & 3rd award in late January each year.

Helen and Lawrence Smith Scholarship

These scholarships are made possible by an endowment established by Mrs. Helen Smith in memory of her husband. Applicants must be full-time students at the junior or senior level majoring in library science or mathematics, must have completed at least 64 credits, and have a QPA of 3.0 or higher. The scholarships are available for a second year, provided students maintain the academic standards required. Contact the chair for Library Science at 814-393-2271.

Jean Blake Ferguson Library Science Scholarship

This scholarship established by Dr. Jeffrey & Janet Ferguson in honor of his mother, Jean Blake Ferguson, Class of 1948. Jean influenced her children with her strong belief in the importance of education as each has earned advanced degrees. It is their desire to pass on her passion for learning through the availability of this scholarship. To be considered, candidates must be incoming freshman, first generation student, a library science major, dual major, or concentration, and have financial need. If you feel you meet criteria for consideration, please contact the scholarship administrator in the Admissions Office at 814-393-2306. It is possible to receive the award in subsequent year if student maintains a certain grade point average in studies.