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Clarion University Scholarships

The following information illustrates the many scholarship opportunities available to students at Clarion University. If you are unclear about any of the information below, please call Admissions at 814-393-2306.

Use the tool filters below to narrow your scholarship search based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu -- select incoming freshman or current student). Another filter is Other Scholarships, not based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu - freshman or current students). Contact person for current students is the scholarship chair listed in the scholarship description of this site or handled by the chair of the academic department.

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Scholarship TitleScholarship Description
Mary Jane Collins Meenan Scholarship

This scholarship established through the estate of M. Clyde Meenan in memory of his wife, Mary Jane. Awarded annually to a deserving student in the cooperating Engineering program at Clarion University. Criteria includes overall 3.0 q.p.a, carry a "B" average in mathematics, physics and chemistry courses, provide a recommendation from a science or mathematics instructor, and have financial need. Contact the Chair of Physics for further information. Award made at the end of March.

Dave Mercinko Memorial Scholarship

Established by Michael, Class of 1979, and Courtney Baker in memory of Dave Mercinko, a former Clarion University football player. This scholarship will be an annual award for a freshman Clarion University student athlete. To be considered one must have a minimum SAT score of 900 or above, graduate in the top two-fifths of high school class, and demonstrate financial need.  Coaches will make the scholarship offer to one of those scholar athletes in his/her group of recruits/team members each year.  Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.

Gary L. Merz Memorial Scholarship

An endowed scholarship established in the memory and recognition of accounting professor Gary L. Merz for his many contributions to the university, Accountancy Department, students, and community. The annual scholarship will be awarded to a senior accounting major based upon academic performance. For additional information contact the Accountancy Department chair at 814-393-2628.

William G. Miller Swimming/Diving Scholarship

This scholarship established to honor Bill Miller who was the Head Men's & Women's Swimming and Diving Coach at Clarion University from 1979-2000. After 22 years as the men's swimming coach, he finished with a duel record of 154-38, and after 13 years s the women's swimming coach, he finished with a duel record of 90-20. Eligible candidates must be a member of the Clarion University Swimming/Diving Team and meet the NCAA eligibility requirements.  Coaches will make the scholarship offer to one of those scholar athletes in his/her group of recruits/team members each year.  Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.

Dr. John A. Mooney Scholarship

Presented to music major of at least sophomore standing. Criteria for selection are based primarily upon musical talent and secondarily upon financial need. Candidates will be required to demonstrate musical talent via live audition. This endowed scholarship will be applied to the recipient's educational fees. Contact the chair of the Music Department at 814-393-2287 for additional information. Deadline date is April 1.

This scholarship was established by friends, former student-athletes, and family of Coach Pat Mooney, a highly regarded member of the Clarion University Coaching Staff for more that 10 years.  Eligibility criteria considered by the current coach is as follows:  a current male or female member of the cross country or track & field team; a member of the team entering their final season of competition in either sport; student must be a non-athletic scholarship member of the team; the individual must have contributed over the years to the well being of the team and university.

Eleanor DeWald Moore Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes Mrs. Eleanor DeWald Moore, an alumna of Clarion ('42), an associate professor 1956 to 1972, serving first as assistant librarian in Carlson Library and later as a faculty member of the College of Library Science. This fund provides an award to an undergraduate student of junior or senior standing who is preparing for a career in school librarianship. Selection criteria include professional potential in librarianship based upon earned grades and a written statement of personal and professional goals. Contact the chair of the Department of Library Science at (814) 393-2271 for information.

Dean James D. Moore Scholarship


Scholarships in memory of Mr. Moore, dean of academic affairs at Clarion from 1943 to 1972, are available to members of the university's Student Senate. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of academic achievement and leadership. For further information contact the vice president for student and university affairs at 814-393-2351.

The Dean James D. Moore Women's Softball Scholarship

This scholarship was established by David C. Smith, Class of 1964, to honor Dean James Moore who was a former dean at Clarion State College. First preference will be given to a student/ softball player pursuing a degree in the College of Education & Human Services. Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.

Mark Nanz Memorial Endowment

Established by Chuck Nanz, the former head swimming coach at Clarion University and father of Marz Nanz. Chuck started the swimming program when the natatorium was first opened in the late 1960's. His team placed second in the conference its first year and was the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Champion the next seven years in a row. The Nanz family lost their beloved son, Mark, three days prior to his 30th birthday in a tragic accident that occurred while he was returning to Pennsylvania for a reunion with former swimming teammates for Clarion. The scholarship is presented each year by the head coach to a male Clarion University swimmer.

Dr. Max Nemmer Women's Tennis Scholarship

This scholarship was established by David C. Smith '64 to honor Dr. Max Nemmer who was a respected and admired professor of Mr. Smith while at Clarion State Teachers College. Dr. Nemmer came to Clarion State in the fall of 1960 where he taught English and was an esteemed colleague and admired educator. Eligible candidates must meet admission's requirements for enrollment and plan matriculation to Clarion University and must meet the eligibility requirements set by the NCAA. First preference will be given to a student from the College of Education and Human Services.

Mary Ellen Horlacher Oldt Nursing Scholarship

Established by the Barbara Oldt Living Trust to honor her mother, Mary Ellen Horlacher Oldt, while supporting undergraduate students pursuing studies in Nursing.  Eligibility requirements for consideration include a preference to be given to undergraduate students from Union, Snyder, and Northumberland Counties in Pennsylvania who are pursuing an Associate of Science in Nursing degree and/or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Clarion University.  Contact the Nursing Department at Venango Campus for further details.

Outstanding First-Year Physics Award

This endowed scholarship was established by friends of the physics department to honor emeritus faculty.  It is given annually to the most outstanding physics major enrolled in the introductory physics sequence (PH 258/ PH 268 and PH 259/PH 269).  The award is based on academic achievement within these courses as well as evidence of scholarly commitment to physics.  See the Physics chair for further details.

Richard L. & Mary Lou Pae Football Scholarship

This scholarship was established by friends, former players, and family in honor of Dick Pae. "Coach Pae" was a member of the Clarion University Health & Physical Education faculty for nearly 30 years and is remembered as a highly regarded teacher, a dedicated coach, a great mentor, and an outstanding influence on Clarion's proud tradition in athletics. Mary Lou, along with Karen Jacks, started the End Zone T-Shirt stand in the late 1970's to provide funds for gifts for graduating seniors. As assistant dean in the College of Business, Mary Lou guided many students toward earning their degrees. The head football coach will award this scholarship to a junior football player who will advance to senior status and has demonstrated excellence on the field and in his studies. Special consideration is given to defensive players majoring in business.

The Panos and Pavlos Award

Established by Mr. Panos Theodoridis, Class of 1990 and Pavlos Ignatiades, Class of 1986 & 1988, for international students originating from Greece or Cyprus. For consideration, contact the Clarion University International Office.

Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Scholarship (Freshmen)

The Clarion University chapter of Phi Sigma, a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, offers one cash award each year. The candidate must be a member of the Honor Society, which requires a minimum 3.5 QPA after one or two semesters. Selection is based on academic record and participation in extracurricular activities. Contact the Phi Eta Sigma faculty advisor, Jodi Hagan.

Charles J. Pineno Accounting Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor Dr. Charles Pineno, Department of Accountancy. Candidates must be senior Accounting majors. The scholarship awarded on the basis of academic performance and service to the department. For further information contact the Accountancy Department at 814-393-2628.

Mary Louise Pope Theater Award

This award will be given to the freshman, junior, or senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in the following areas - Performance/Technical Theater, Support of Productions, Service to the Department of Theater.  Selection is made by the Department of Theater faculty after the last production of the season is completed.  Consult with Theater Department for further details.

Potter-McClune Scholarship

This scholarship endowment was established by Mr. Clifford R. McClune and his wife Maralouise, in honor of his parents, Blance Irene Potter and Russell R. McClune; and grandparents. The scholarship was created to support of student athletes from either Clarion County high schools (preference to students from Clarion Area or Clarion-Limestone High School) who demonstrate financial need. (Second preference the remaining Clarion County schools) Recipients are eligible to receive the award in subsequent years, provided that they remain in good academic standing (3.0 or higher).  Coaches will make the scholarship offer to one of those scholar athletes in his/her group of recruits/team members each year.  Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.

President's Commission on the Status of Women Award

This fund was established through contributions from retired and current faculty, as well as friends of Clarion University, to encourage gifted students to travel and present results of their independent work while still at Clarion University and to promote gender equity across disciplines.  To be eligible, a student must have a paper, presentation, or creative activity accepted for presentation in a field in which his/her gender has traditionally been under-represented, OR have a paper, poster, or other creative project related to gender issues accepted at a conference.  The selection committee consists of the members of the President's Commission on the Status of Women.

Presser Scholarship

This scholarship sponsored by the Presser Foundation of Bryn Mawr, PA. It is awarded annually to the outstanding senior music major. The recipient is selected through music faculty nominations.

Psychology Department Endowed Scholarship

To be eligible a student must have completed 64 hours by the end of the current spring semester with an overall QPA of 3.0. Students must also have completed 15 hours in Psychology, at least 9 of which must have been earned at Clarion University. Research, departmental service, and other contributions to the field are strongly considered. Contact the Psychology Department secretary for further information. Application deadline is the last Friday of March.

Richard Redick Memorial Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established in memory of Clarion student Richard A. Redick. The awards are available to full-time students who are active in the Returning Adult and Commuting Students organization. Selection criteria include financial need, academic performance, and community service. Additional information may be obtained from the RACS organization advisor at 814-393-2272.

Diane L. Reinhard Soccer Scholarship

Established by Mr. David C. Smith, Class of 1964 to honor Dr. Diane L. Reinhard who was highly regarded as a dedicated university administrator, mentor, and outstanding visionary during her 13 years (1990-2003) as President of Clarion University.  To be considered by the soccer coach, candidates must be a player who meets the eligibility requirement set by NCAA, and first preference will be given to a student from the College of Education & Human Services.

Dr. Rebecca Rutt Leas Women's Swimming Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Dr. Rebecca Leas (former coach) and Milissa (Steiner) Bauer '84, a former Clarion swimmer and Clarion University graduate.  Dr. Leas was the head women's swimming coach from 1979-1987, leading Clarion to six Division II national team titles and a second and a third place finish.  Her teams were undefeated in PSAC dual meets and won every PSAC championship for eight straight years.  Clarion defeated many D-1 schools and also competed at the Division I national championships 1982-86 and the 1984 United States Olympic Trials.  During Dr. Lea's tenure, the women also excelled in the classroom. This scholarship is awarded to a woman who demonstrates this continued spirit of excellence both in the water and in the classroom. This scholarship is awarded an undergraduate who meets NCAA Div II regulations and must maintain at least a 2.8 QPA while swimming at Clarion University.

Mary L. Seifert Music Scholarship

This scholarship established by Clarion alumna Mary L. Seifert. Its purpose is to annually reward academic achievement, department and university service, and the musical contributions of a junior or senior music major. For additional information contact the chair of the Music Department at 814-393-2287.

This scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Frank H. Sessions, former dean of graduate studies and continuing education. The funds are awarded each year in recruiting learning disabled or handicapped students. Student needs a 3.0 or above cumulative g.p.a. Contact Disability Support Services at 814-393-2095 for application information. Deadline date for application is April 1.

Paul Shank Award for Excellence in Physics

Two awards are made annually in honor of Dr. Shank, a former physics professor. The scholarships are awarded based on grades in physics, mathematics, and computer science and are presented to junior physics majors. In addition, recipients' names are inscribed on a plaque in the department office. See the Physics Department chair for further details at 814-393-2571.

Helen Ferry Shields Scholarship

Established in memory of Clarion Alumnae, Helen Ferry Shields, to honor her and her work in the field of Library Science.  Helen worked in public and school libraries, and volunteered with church libraries and university archives.  The endowment will provide three annual scholarships: an award for a incoming freshman or sophomore transfer student from western Pennsylvania, who has declared an intent to major in library science (automatic consideration by Admissions); an award for a junior or senior library science major who has demonstrated a strong academic record and made significant contributions to the department; and an award  for a student intending to enter the graduate program in library science, with priority for a returning or non-traditional student. Contact person is Chair of Library Science for the 2nd & 3rd award in late January each year.

Fran Shope Scholarship

A scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior woman who has made outstanding contributions to Clarion University athletics.  Coaches will make the scholarship offer to one of those scholar athletes in his/her group of recruits/team members each year.  Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.