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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course Title
COOP 386
Co-Op Nursing
COOP 486
NURS 100
Intro to Professional Nursing
NURS 101
Nurs Proc I: Fund Pract
NURS 102
Nursing Process II
NURS 111
Nurs Proc I:Fnd Nurs Clin Prac
NURS 112
Nurs Proc II:Clinical Practice
NURS 121
Nurs Proc I: Pract Lab
NURS 131
Nursing Health Assessmt
NURS 132
Pharmac Aspects Of Nurs
NURS 133
Pharm Aspects of Nursi: Part I
NURS 201
Nursing Process III
NURS 202
Nursing Process IV
NURS 203
Nursing Seminar
NURS 211
Nurs Proc III: Clin Practice
NURS 212
Nurs Proc IV:Clinical Practice
NURS 233
Pharm Aspects of Nurs: Part II
NURS 234
Pharm Aspect of Nurs: Part III
NURS 241
Clin Reasoning & Prob Solving
NURS 242
Service Learning in Nursing
NURS 299
Special Topics In Nurs
NURS 320
Death And Grief
NURS 335
Alternative Therapies
NURS 340
Nursing In Transition
NURS 341
Culture & Care in Nursing Prac
NURS 342
Clinical Thinking in Nursing
NURS 343
Health Literacy in Nurs Pract
NURS 345
Trends & Issues in Pro Nursing
NURS 346
Health Assessment
NURS 347
Creating A Wellness Lfst
NURS 355
Health Promotion in Nursing
NURS 361
Nurse As Educator
NURS 365
Health Prom For Elderly
NURS 368
Human Caring
NURS 376
Frontiers In Health Care
NURS 380
Appl Stats For Hlth Care Prof
NURS 400
Violence Prevention in Nursing
NURS 410
Intro to Forensic Nursing
NURS 420
Forensic Nursing & Justice Sys
NURS 430
App Prin & Tech of Inter & Inv
NURS 440
Emerg & Disaster Prep for Nurs
NURS 445
Research in Nursing
NURS 450
Field Exp In Health Agen
NURS 457
Leadership In Nursing
NURS 460
Forensic Nurs Sem & Practicum
NURS 463
Acute Care
NURS 470
Promoting Healthy Communities
NURS 480
Role Seminar In Prof Nursing
NURS 482
Role Exploration In Prof
NURS 494
Advanced Con of Pro Nursing
NURS 499
Special Topics In Nurs
NURS 601
Adv Concepts In Pathophy
NURS 602
Pharmacologic Applic
NURS 605
Evolution Of Nurs Theory
NURS 610
Adv Concepts Nurs Resear
NURS 614
Health Promo: Fam & Comm Pers
NURS 615
Adv Health Assessment
NURS 616
Adv Health Assessment Pract
NURS 617
Adv Hlth As Prac for Nurs Edu
NURS 620
Clinical Dec Making I
NURS 621
Clinical Dec Making I Pract
NURS 622
Family Nurse Pract Role Develo
NURS 630
Clinical Dec Making II
NURS 631
Clin Dec Mak II Role Sem
NURS 632
Clinical Dec Making II Pract
NURS 640
Clinical Dec Making III
NURS 641
Cli Dec Mak III:Role Sem
NURS 642
Clin Dec Making III Practicum
NURS 645
Nursing & Public Policy
NURS 675
Nursing Curriculum Development
NURS 676
Ed Strategies In Nursing
NURS 677
Eval & Assessment In Nursing
NURS 701
DNP Role Seminar II
NURS 702
Adv Topics in Clinical Mgmt
NURS 703
Adv Topics in Nursing Practice
NURS 704
Doctor of Nurs Pract Intern I
NURS 706
Doctor of Nurs Pract Intern II
NURS 709
Doctor of Nurs Pract Capstone
NURS 714
Prac Strg for Adv Prac Nurses
NURS 715
Systematic Eval in Health Care
NURS 750
Family Nurse Practitioner Int
NURS 751
Nurse Educator Internship
NURS 800
Research Project/Thesis
NURS 805
Doct of Nurs Parctice Role Sem
NURS 806
Lead Nurs in Health Care Sys
NURS 807
Info Mgmt in Health Care
NURS 808
Analy Meth of Evd Based Prac
RESP 100
Fund Of Respiratory Care