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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course Title
MMAJ 100
Intro To Mass Media
MMAJ 101
Mass Media And Society
MMAJ 140
Writing For Media
MMAJ 202
Media Production Planning
MMAJ 208
Intro To Film
MMAJ 249
News Reporting
MMAJ 270
Temporal Media
MMAJ 302
Film Production Planning
MMAJ 311
Broadcasting Prin & Pract
MMAJ 312
P R Prin & Practice
MMAJ 313
Journalism Prin & Pract
MMAJ 314
Advertising Prin And Practices
MMAJ 320
Communication Research
MMAJ 324
New Mass Media Tech & Prof
MMAJ 331
Media Ethics & Responsibility
MMAJ 339
Global Mass Communication
MMAJ 340
MMAJ 341
Publications Editing
MMAJ 344
Investigative Journalism
MMAJ 345
Newswriting for Internet Media
MMAJ 351
Field Production
MMAJ 353
Studio Production
MMAJ 354
Audio Production
MMAJ 355
MMAJ 357
Digital/Film Editing
MMAJ 370
Narrative Structure
MMAJ 371
Publications Design
MMAJ 372
MMAJ 375
MMAJ 417
Public Relations Campaigns
MMAJ 418
Advertising Campaign
MMAJ 422
Communication Law
MMAJ 424
Mass Media Critical Analysis
MMAJ 425
Mass Communication Theory
MMAJ 426
Telecommunications Policy
MMAJ 427
Ethnicity, Gender & The Media
MMAJ 430
Public Relations Ethics
MMAJ 438
Media Design For Organizations
MMAJ 441
Adv Media Writing
MMAJ 442
Newswriting Electronic Media
MMAJ 443
Public Relations Writing
MMAJ 444
WWW Publication Design
MMAJ 445
Digital/Film Producing
MMAJ 446
Advertising Copywriting
MMAJ 448
Integrated Comm Campaigns
MMAJ 455
Digital/Film Directing
MMAJ 473
Documentary Film
MMAJ 474
Advanced Web Site Design
MMAJ 475
Presentation Graphics
MMAJ 476
Short Film
MMAJ 482
MMAJ 491
Independent Study
MMAJ 495
Senior Portfolio
MMAJ 499
Special Topics
MMAJ 524
Crit Analy Of Mass Media
MMAJ 525
Mass Communication Theory
MMAJ 540
Prin Of Inst Design & Ed Tech
MMAJ 548
Media Strat For Distance Comm
MMAJ 551
Public Relations Foundations
MMAJ 552
Journalism Foundations
MMAJ 556
Trng Pgm Plan & Design
MMAJ 558
Society, Law & Media Tch
MMAJ 559
Mgmt Comm Process
MMAJ 560
Audio & Tv Production
MMAJ 565
Photo & Grahic Prod
MMAJ 572
Design Www Media
MMAJ 573
Publ Relat Ethics & Prof Resp
MMAJ 574
Publ Rela Cases & Campaigns
MMAJ 575
Prin of Integrated Comm
MMAJ 580
Applied Design & Prod
MMAJ 591
Independent Study
MMAJ 599
Special Topics
MMAJ 621
Mass Comm Research
MMAJ 641
Professional Comm Writing
MMAJ 642
Adv Public Relations Writing
MMAJ 650
Adv Technology Applications
MMAJ 651
Deploying Info Tech Infras
MMAJ 657
Adv Appl Design & Prod
MMAJ 692
Sem In Comm Ed & Mass Media
MMAJ 700
MMAJ 701
Comm Internship
MMAJ 702
Communication Portfolio