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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course TitleCourse Description
CHEM 456
Adv Inorganic Chem
Extends and compares various concepts of bonding and molecular structure, encountered in previous courses, to gain appreciation of their uses and shortcomings. Includes acid-base theory, nonaqueous solvents, and coordination chemistry. The descriptiv,e chemistry includes recently discovered compound types as well as classical periodicity and periodic anomalies. Prerequisite: CHEM 354 or consent of the department. Three hours lecture. Fall, alternate years.|
CHEM 459
Demos In Chemistry
Studies are made of various demonstration techniques with students devising and applying each with many examples. Emphasizes the study of material the Chem. Study Committee of the American Chemical Society prepared for the purpose of vitalizing high,school chemistry courses. Prerequisites: CHEM 151, 152, and at least one other major course. Offered occasionally.|
CHEM 461
Adv Inorg/Org Lab
Involves complex synthesis of inorganic and organic compounds. Uses sophisticated techniques and contemporary instrumentation in the synthesis, analysis, and characterization of these inorganic and organic compounds. Spring, alternate years.|
CHEM 465
Chemical Research
An independent laboratory problem in some field of chemistry of special interest to the student. Admission only by consent of the instructor and the approval of the department chair. Prerequisites: CHEM 355, 358. Each semester.|
CHEM 466
Chemical Research
An independent laboratory problem in some field of chemistry of special interest to the student. Admission only by consent of the instructor and the approval of the department chair. Prerequisites: CHEM 355, 358. Each semester.|
CHEM 470
Chemistry Seminar
Search of the chemical literature on a topic of current interest, compilation of a bibliography, preparation of an abstract, and presentation of a seminar. Prerequisites: CHEM 252, 355. Spring annually.|
CHEM 471
Advanced Topics In Chem
Presents topics of current interest. Topics vary from year to year. Discusses topics such as non-aqueous solvents, solid state chemistry, polymers, chemical physics, group theory, stereochemistry, organometallics, and recent developments in spectrosc,opy. Prerequisite: CHEM 355 (may be taken concurrently). Offered occasionally.|
CHEM 485
Prob Chem Ed
In-depth exploration of a problem area in chemistry education according to the student's need or interest under the direction of a faculty member. Admission only by consent of instructor and approval of department chair. Prerequisite: Junior standing, or consent of the department. Not open to chemistry majors in the liberal arts or Bachelor of Science curriculum.|
CHIN 103
Intro to Chin Lang & Culture I
Introduces basic facts about Chinese languages and cultures. Topics include Chinese customs, current affairs, and contributions to literature, art, science, and technology of the world. Course taught in English.|
CHIN 151
Elementary Chinese I
Introduces the Chinese language, emphasizing all language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing.|
CHIN 152
Elementary Chinese II
Continuation of CHIN 151: Elementary Chinese I. Prerequisite: CHIN 151 or placement based on evaluation.|
CIS 110
Computer Info Process
Surveys the need for, and roles of, computer information systems in contemporary society. Designed to satisfy the need of students from every discipline to be computer literate, and provides the necessary basis for further computer-related studies., Emphasizes computer requirements in organizations, history, hardware concepts, programming, application software, systems development, and computer operations.|
CIS 140
Ess Topics Discr Math Comp Sc
An introduction to the discrete mathematics essential for course work in computer science. Elementary coverage of proofs including mathematical induction, sets, functions, relations, boolean algebra, number theory, combinatorics, analysis of algorit,hms including recursive algorithms, matrices and the logic of control and data storage through hand computation. This course should be taken in a computer science major's first year. It is a prerequisite for upper division required major courses in, the Computer Science major. A successful student should be able to apply the concepts taught to problem solving in computer science.|
CIS 202
Intro Prog And Algo
Introduces algorithms and translation of algorithms into a programming language. Student will create algorithms and computer programs that implement those algorithms. Will learn programming language syntax and programming fundamentals including var,iables, input and output, arithmetic and logical operations, control flow (sequence, selection, iteration), file access and modular development. Computer language used may change over time, but an example language would be C# (C Sharp).|
CIS 206
Intro To Java Programming
Introduces the Java programming language. Designed to expose Information Systems majors to a second programming language (after C#). Involves programming Java applets and Java applications. Students learn the core of the language including its dat,a types, arithmetic statements, selection statements, repetition statements, arrays, and string processing features. Object oriented programming concepts are introduced but are not the focus of the course. Other topics include Java's windowing tool,kits, file input and output, exception handling, and the Java security model. Prerequisite: CIS 202 with a grade of C or better. Not for credit for CS majors.|
CIS 217
Appl Of Micro
Introduces the basic concepts of microcomputers and software applications. Includes commonly available software packages and graphics. No prerequisite.|
CIS 230
Practicum In CIS
Provides undergraduates with an introduction to the role of computer specialists in the everyday operation of a computer laboratory. Supplies real experience in such routine exercises as interacting with computer users to field problems and complaint,s, machine event logging, and performing simple tasks to keep machines operating. A maximum of six credits of the practicum may be applied toward graduation. Prerequisite: CIS 217 or permission of the instructor.|
CIS 244
Intro Prog & Algo II
Examines complex problem-solving techniques, top down design, and prgram debugginh and testing. Prerequisite: B or better in CIS 202 or permission of instructor.|
CIS 253
Comp Org/Asb Lang
Consists of two major parts: (1) an introduction to assembly language programming and (2) an introduction to computer organization and the structuring of major hardware components. Students develop a basic understanding of the mechanics of informatio,n transfer and control and the fundamentals of logic design. Prerequisite: CIS 202.|
CIS 254
Data Structures
Introduces the structuring of data in computer programs. Topics include static, dynamic, and persistent memory, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and hash tables. The major concepts are reinforced through programming assignments using algorithms i,llustrating the power of each data structure. Prerequisite: CIS 244.|
CIS 270
Client-Side Web Programming
Student will explore front-end, client-side web development emphasizing programming in a client-side programming language such as JavaScript or VBScript. Human-computer interface issues will also be explored as well as basic web page markup (HTML, X,HTML) and display (CSS). Student will also look at HTML validation issues and implications of different browser usage on web page rendering. Prerequisite: CIS 202 with a grade of C or better.|
CIS 301
Comp Sys Analysis
Study of informational needs and patterns of information flow within a large organization. Emphasizes the analysis and design of computer software systems. Examines ethical and legal issues related to information systems. Prerequisite: CIS 244 alon,e or both 217 and 202 (with a grade of C or better).|
CIS 303
Local Area Networks
Study of the technology of local area networks. Includes LAN design, topology, hardware, standards, protocols, and network operating systems. Includes significant hands-on experience building a LAN; and installing network interface cards and cable. P,rerequisites: CIS 202 with a grade of C or better.|
CIS 305
Art Intell Decision Make
Surveys the thinking and some of the pioneering efforts in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), integrated with more traditional approaches to decision-making. Applies AI principles through the use of logic programming languages. Prerequisite: C,IS 202 with a grade of C or better.|
CIS 306
Object Oriented Programming
Introduces a popular object-oriented programming language. Emphasizes object-oriented features of the language: classes and objects, encapsulation, inheritance, and virtual functions. Exposes students to both the syntax and semantics of the language., Applying these features, students complete several small programming projects. Smalltalk and Java are examples of a language that might be chosen. Prerequisite CIS 206 or CIS 244.|
CIS 312
Special Topics In Computing
Provides for focused study of a special interest topic in computing using learning formats selected by the instructor as best suited for the particular course. Prerequisites for particular course set by the instructor.|
CIS 317
Microcomp Maint Conc & Tech
Covers the installation, configuration, upgrading, troubleshooting and repair of microcomputer hardware. Includes basic networking concepts and printers. Knowledge of safety and common preventive maintenance procedures is stressed. Prerequisite:, CIS 217|
CIS 330
Info Systems Programming
In-depth study of event-driven programming with a concentration on the retrieval, updating and reporting of information stored in a database. Prerequisite: C or better in CIS 202 or permission of instructor.|
CIS 333
Info Sys Auditing & Security
Analyzes the information system audit process, provision and evaluation of controls in all aspects of information system operation, and the provision and maintenance of computer security. Stresses internal controls while examining specific controls a,nd security. Prerequisites: CIS 303.|
CIS 340
Discrete Math Structures
Introduces sets, relations, functions, combinations, graphs, and trees, emphasizing concrete models. Includes computer algorithms and mathematical structures useful in computer science. Designed for students in both mathematics and computer science.,Prerequisites: MATH 300 and CPSC 201.|