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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course Title
CHIN 103
Intro to Chin Lang & Culture I
CHIN 151
Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 152
Elementary Chinese II
COLB 100
Edin Colb:Intro Germany & Ger
COLB 101
Sru Collab-Russ Lang & Cult I
COLB 102
Sru Collaborative Russian Crs
COLB 201
Collaborative German Course
COLB 202
Sru Collaborative Interm Russ
COLB 305
Sru Collaborative Crs Russian
COLB 306
Sru Colab:20th Cent Russ Lgacy
COLB 307
Eu Collab Ger Conv & Comp
FR 101
Special Topics
FR 103
French Civilization
FR 109
French Lit In Trans
FR 140
French Film
FR 150
Intensive Elem French I
FR 151
Elementary French I
FR 152
Elementary French II
FR 153
Elementary Conversation
FR 250
Intensive Inter Fr II
FR 251
Intermed French I (French III)
FR 252
Interm French II (French IV)
FR 253
Business French
FR 257
French Immersion
FR 260
French Short Story
FR 265
Inter Conversation
FR 270
Intro To French Phon & Pronun
FR 281
French for Oral & Writ Prof I
FR 282
French for Oral & Writ Prof II
FR 301
French Civilization
FR 302
Topics in French Lit & Culture
FR 340
French Film
FR 341
Surv Fren Lit Mid Ages To 17c
FR 342
Surv Fren Lit 18th Cent To Pr
FR 353
Development French Drama
FR 354
Develop Of French Novel
FR 356
Development Fr Poetry
FR 358
French Thinkers
FR 360
Canadian Writers
FR 361
Black Writers French Lit
FR 400
Sr Sem in Lit, Ling & Cult Stu
FR 451
Readings: French Lit
FR 501
Spec Topics French Lit & Cult
FR 551
Adv Supr Readings In Fren Lit
FR 557
Adv Fren Ling & Cult Immersion
German Elective I
German Elective II
German Elective III
German Elective IV
GER 101
Special Topics
GER 103
Ger Civilization & Cult
GER 109
Germ Lit In Trans
GER 140
German Film
GER 150
Intensive Elem Ger I
GER 151
Elementary German I
GER 152
Elementary German II
GER 250
Intensive Inter Ger II
GER 251
Intermed German I (German III)
GER 252
Interm German II (German IV)
GER 254
Business German
GER 255
German Civ I
GER 256
Germanic Civ II
GER 257
German Immersion
GER 260
The German Short Story
GER 265
Inter Conversation
GER 270
Intro To German Phoe & Pronun
GER 302
Topics in German Lit & Culture
GER 307
German Conv & Comp I
GER 308
German Conv & Comp II
GER 340
German Film
GER 341
Surv Germ Lit Mid Ages To 18th
GER 342
Surv Germ Lit 19th Cen To Pres
GER 353
Modern German Drama
GER 355
German Romanticism
GER 358
Classical German Lit
GER 400
Sr Sem in Lit, Ling & Cult Stu
GER 451
Readings: German Lit
GER 501
Spec Topics German Lit & Cult
GER 551
Adv Supr Readings In Germ Lit
GER 557
Adv Germ Ling & Cult Immersion
GU 160
Intro To Global Understanding
GU 340
Global Understanding Seminar
GU 341
Global Understanding Res Proj
RUSS 305
Russ Civ Via Film
Spanish Elective I
Spanish Elective II
Spanish Elective III
Spanish Elective IV
SPAN 101
Special Topics
SPAN 103
Hispanic Civiliz & Cult
SPAN 109
Span Lit In Trans
SPAN 140
Hispanic Film
SPAN 150
Intensive Elem Span I
SPAN 151
Elem Spanish I
SPAN 152
Elem Spanish II
SPAN 250
Intensive Inter Span II
SPAN 251
Spanish III (Interm I)
SPAN 252
Spanish IV (Interm II)
SPAN 253
Business Spanish
SPAN 260
Hispanic Short Story
SPAN 265
Inter Conversation
SPAN 270
Intro To Span Phon & Pronun
SPAN 280
Int Adv Span Gram & Comp
SPAN 281
Spanish for Oral & Writ Prof I
SPAN 282
Spanish for Oral & Wrt Prof II
SPAN 300
Latin American Civilization
SPAN 301
Spanish Civilization
SPAN 302
Topics In Hispanic Lit & Cult
SPAN 304
Latino Cultures in the U.S.
SPAN 340
Hispanic Film
SPAN 344
SPAN 352
Read Span Lit Mid-Gold
SPAN 353
Read Span Lit Gold-20th
SPAN 354
Modern Spanish Novel
SPAN 360
Read Span-Am Lit Pre-Col-19th
SPAN 361
Span-Am Lit Modernismo to 20th
SPAN 362
20th Cent Spanish-Amer Novel
SPAN 400
Sr Sem in Lit, Ling & Cult Stu
SPAN 401
St: Hispanic Lang & Culture
SPAN 417
Span Lang & Culture Immersion
SPAN 461
Readings In Hispanic Lit
SPAN 501
St: Hispanic Lang & Culture
SPAN 540
Hispanic Film
SPAN 561
Supr Readings Hispanic Lit