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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

To start a new search enter the course number of the subject or title you are searching in the box below.

Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course Title
CPSC 101
Intro To Computational Science
CPSC 201
Surv Computational Sci Tools
CPSC 301
Adv Computational Science
CPSC 490
Projects Computational Science
MAED 501
Teaching Sec Mathematics
MAED 511
Tech for Teaching Sec Math
MAED 532
Teaching Statistical Reasoning
MAED 537
Geometry/Trig For Sec Ed Tchrs
MAED 540
Discrete Math For Tchrs 7-12
MAED 550
Pre-Algebra For Teacher
MAED 551
Algebra & Number Thy for Tchrs
MAED 556
Research in Math Tch & Learn
MAED 571
Analysis for Teachers
MAED 581
Problem Solving
MAED 585
App & Math Model For Teacher
MAED 590
Historical Dev Of Mathematics
Prep For College Math
Basic Algebra
MATH 110
Intermediate Algebra
MATH 111
Math Conc Grades K-8
MATH 112
Excursions Math
MATH 113
Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 117
Mathematics for Health Science
MATH 131
Applied Finite Math
MATH 170
Algebra & Trig Mid Sch Tchrs
MATH 171
MATH 200
Reasoning & Proof In Math
MATH 201
Technology in Teaching Math
MATH 211
Fund Topics In K-8 Math
MATH 212
Intuitive Geometry
MATH 213
Intuitive Calculus
MATH 214
Finite Math
MATH 215
Math Concept Lab
MATH 216
Prob Solv Strat In Math
MATH 217
Historical Dev of Math Teacher
MATH 221
Elementary Applied Stats
MATH 222
Elem Nonparametric Stats
MATH 225
Elem Survey Sampling
MATH 232
Calculus Bus I
MATH 233
Calculus Bus II
MATH 260
Applied Calculus
MATH 270
Calculus I
MATH 271
Calculus II
MATH 272
Calculus III
MATH 285
Mathematical Modeling
MATH 290
Calculus Workshop
MATH 295
Projects In Mathematics
MATH 300
Intro To Advanced Math
MATH 321
Inter Applied Stats I
MATH 322
Intermed Statistics II
MATH 340
Discrete Math Structures
MATH 350
Differentl Equat
MATH 357
Modern Geometry
MATH 360
Num Meth In Math I
MATH 370
Linear Algebra
MATH 390
Junior Seminar In Mathematics
MATH 421
Mathematical Stats I
MATH 422
Mathematical Stats II
MATH 451
Modern Algebra I
MATH 452
Modern Algebra II
MATH 454
Theory Of Numbers
MATH 459
Intro To Complex Var
MATH 460
Numerical Meth Math II
MATH 471
Intro Real Anal I
MATH 472
Intro Real Anal II
MATH 473
Elem Topology
MATH 480
Special Topics
MATH 490
Seminar I
MATH 491
Seminar II
MATH 492
Seminar III
MATH 495
Industrial Mathematics Wksp
MATH 499
Independent Study
MATH 530
New Math
MATH 531
Topics In Geom
MATH 532
MATH 533
Found H.S. Math
MATH 541
Rec Math
MATH 553
Real Variables I
MATH 554
Real Variables II
MATH 555
Topology I
MATH 557
Infinite Series
MATH 559
Com Variables I
MATH 561
Abstract Alg I
MATH 562
Abstract Alg II
MATH 563
Linear Algebra
MATH 569
Math Logic
MATH 573
Numerical Anal
MATH 575
Alge Num Theory I
MATH 580
MATH 590
Individual Research