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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

To start a new search enter the course number of the subject or title you are searching in the box below.

Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course Title
HIST 110
Com Hist Of Civ In Asia
HIST 111
Ancient & Med Civ
HIST 112
Early Modern Civ
HIST 113
Modern Civilization
HIST 120
U S To 1877
HIST 121
U S Since 1877
HIST 130
Africa To 1800
HIST 131
Africa Since 1800
HIST 215
Topics In History
HIST 217
History Of West Africa
HIST 254
Lat Amer Col Per
HIST 255
Lat Amer Nat Per
HIST 260
Nazism, Hitler & Holocas
HIST 275
India Thru Ages
HIST 286
Mod China And Japan
HIST 298
Historical Methods
HIST 302
Women In The U.S.
HIST 303
History Of Mexico
HIST 304
Religio & Soc in Latin America
HIST 305
Hist S Africa Since 1800
HIST 310
Africa, Slavery & Trade
HIST 312
Native American History
HIST 315
Topics In History
HIST 318
Ancient Greece
HIST 319
Roman History
HIST 320
Medieval History
HIST 330
Eur Dur Renaiss & Reform
HIST 345
Europe 1815-1924
HIST 349
The American West
HIST 350
Colonial America
HIST 351
US: The Early Republic
HIST 352
Civil War & Reconstruct
HIST 353
Us - Age Of Reform
HIST 357
Tudor/Stuart Engl
HIST 363
Hist Of American Labor
HIST 366
Russia Since 1815
HIST 367
Comparative Slavery
HIST 369
African-Amer Hist 1865 To Pres
HIST 370
History Of Mid East
HIST 371
Am Popular Cult, 1865-Pres
HIST 372
The American Revolution
HIST 388
U.S. 1920 - 1960
HIST 389
U.S. 1960 To The Present
HIST 398
Quant Meth For Historian
HIST 402
Independent Studies
HIST 410
HIST 432
Vietnam War
HIST 460
Hist Of Religion In The U.S.
HIST 481
France: 1483-1715
HIST 511
Sem In Anc & Medieval Europe
HIST 512
Seminar In Early Modern Europe
HIST 513
Seminar In Modern Europe
HIST 520
Seminar In U.S. Hist To 1877
HIST 521
Sem In U.S. History Since 1877
HIST 530
Non-Western History
HIST 532
Vietnam War
HIST 562
The Holocaust
HIST 700