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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course Title
BSAD 238
Intro to Paralegal Studies
BSAD 239
Family Law
BSAD 240
Legal Environment I
BSAD 241
Legal Environ II
BSAD 242
Methods Of Legal Resrch
BSAD 243
Wills, Trusts & Estates
BSAD 244
Administrative Law
BSAD 246
Civil Litigation
BSAD 247
Real Estate Law For Para
BSAD 248
Legal Writing
BSAD 249
Field Experience
BSAD 250
Criminal Law And Procedure
BSAD 340
Environmental Law
BSAD 540
Legal Env & Eth Conduct In Bus
FIN 170
Intro To Finance
FIN 370
Financial Management
FIN 371
Interm Finance
FIN 373
Fund Of Insurance
FIN 374
Prop/Casualty Ins
FIN 375
Mgmt Finan Inst
FIN 376
FIN 377
Medical Care Fin
FIN 378
Personal Finance
FIN 399
Special Topics
FIN 463
Tax Planning
FIN 471
Financial Problems
FIN 473
Retrmnt Est Plan
FIN 474
Personal Financial Planning
FIN 476
Portfolio Theory & Mgmt
FIN 480
Multinational Finance
FIN 500
Financial Management
FIN 570
Managerial Finance
FIN 671
Fin Theory & Pract
FIN 676
Investment Mgmt
RE 270
Real Estate Fund
RE 271
Real Estate Practice
RE 372
Real Estate Law
RE 373
Real Estate Finance
RE 374
Real Estate Mktg & Brokerage
RE 470
Residential Real Est App
RE 471
Real Estate Market & Invest An
RE 472
Income Prop Appraisal
RE 475
Real Estate Mgmt
RE 570
RE Market and Invest Analysis