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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course Title
CIS 110
Computer Info Process
CIS 140
Ess Topics Discr Math Comp Sc
CIS 202
Intro Prog And Algo
CIS 206
Intro To Java Programming
CIS 217
Appl Of Micro
CIS 230
Practicum In CIS
CIS 244
Intro Prog & Algo II
CIS 253
Comp Org/Asb Lang
CIS 254
Data Structures
CIS 270
Client-Side Web Programming
CIS 301
Comp Sys Analysis
CIS 303
Local Area Networks
CIS 305
Art Intell Decision Make
CIS 306
Object Oriented Programming
CIS 312
Special Topics In Computing
CIS 317
Microcomp Maint Conc & Tech
CIS 330
Info Systems Programming
CIS 333
Info Sys Auditing & Security
CIS 340
Discrete Math Structures
CIS 355
Operating Systems I
CIS 356
Analysis Of Algorithms
CIS 370
Server-Side Web Programming
CIS 375
Software Engineering
CIS 377
Computer Graphics
CIS 402
Data Base Sys Mgt
CIS 403
Data Communications
CIS 411
Systems Devlmt Project
CIS 412
Parallel Processing
CIS 422
Internship In Computers
CIS 460
Programming Lang & Comp Theory