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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course TitleCourse Description
PS 304
Crime, Politic & Public Policy
Course treats the ways in which government treats crime as a public policy matter, with a predominant focus on legislative and executive branch activity. Topics may vary somewhat from year to year. Examples of policies to be examined and evaluated,include: reducing the incidence of crime, the politics of imprisonment, punitive and restorative justice, decriminalization, drugs and crime, death penalty, gun control, hate crimes, zero tolerance approaches, pornography, corporate crime, organize,d crime, and terrorism. The constitutional and legal framework of policies will also be considered.|
PS 311
Comparative Politics
Considers the central issues of comparative political inquiry, with an emphasis on advanced industrial nations and Latin America. On demand.|
PS 325
Politics And Religion
Investigates the ways in which politics and religion interrelate, using theoretical and behavioral approaches. Examines issues in both domestic and international politics. Prerequisite: PS 210 or 211 or permission of instructor. Every other year.|
PS 350
Special Topics
Offered occasionally.|
PS 351
State Local Government
Detailed study of how our state and local governments function. Emphasizes Pennsylvania government. Requires independent study through outside projects. Every other year.|
PS 352
Internat Politics
Presents a framework for analyzing the behavior of states, the basic factors which motivate and affect international policies, and the techniques of resolving international conflicts. Every other year.|
PS 354
Const Law Of U S
A study of the development of the Constitution through the interpretations of the Supreme Court. Includes a study of the separation of governmental powers, political and judicial processes, federalism as a legal device, and the relationship of libert,y and authority to the individual living under government. Prerequisite: PS 211. Spring, annually.|
PS 355
Media, Elec & Party Politics
A survey course emphasizing the electorate, pressure groups, and public opinion, nature and history of political parties, party organization, methods of nominations, and elections. Examines the place of political parties and elections as instruments,of democracy and their place in the framework of Pennsylvania's government. Fall, alternating years.|
PS 356
Congress & Legis Process
Examines the legislative process in American representative government with primary concern given to the structure, operation, and development of the U.S. Congress.|
PS 357
The American Presidency
Examines the history, practice, and political ideas related to the institution of the American presidency. Emphasizes the presidency's place within the constitutional system of separated powers and how that institution has evolved into the office we,see today. Alternate Fall Semesters.|
PS 363
Criminal Procedure
A study of the law as it relates to arrest, search, and seizure with emphasis on present controlling legal decisions and historical development, philosophy, and public policy issues underlying these decisions. Prerequisite: PS 211, CRJT 110 or permi,ssion of instructor. Annually|
PS 364
Cons Law-Civil Rghts/Lib
A study of the development of the Constitution of the United States through an examination of the decisions of the Supreme Court in the area of civil rights and liberties. Introduces some legal terminology and the case method. Prerequisite: PS 211. S,pring, odd-numbered years.|
PS 365
Anc-Med Pol Thgt
Explores the development of political theory from Plato to Machiavelli. Every year.|
PS 366
Political Ideologies
Explores the development of political thinking in the modern period, emphasizing the development of ideologies. Particular attention given to liberalism, conservatism, Marxist and non-Marxist socialism, fascism, libertarianism, environmentalism, and,contemporary liberation ideologies. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing|
PS 375
Public Policy And Admin
Introduces public administration emphasizing its function in the American political process. Applied public administration theory and practice to enduring and contemporary public policy challenges and achievements. Every other year.|
PS 395
Amer Political Thought
Examines major political thinkers and ideas which have shaped the American political tradition. Emphasizes the competing ideas of government which were influential at the time of the American founding. Considers contemporary competing paradigms in Am,erican political thought.|
PS 398
Empirical Political Analysis
Introduces students to the fundamental concepts and research methods used in political science. Provides students with an understanding of how and why political scientists conduct political research. Because the use of statistical/ empirical analysis, is an important part of the research process, students will be introduced to statistical applications used in political science. Prerequisites: MATH 221 or 222, CIS 110 and 217, or consent of instructor. Every other year.|
PSY 111
Psych Of Personal Growth
Emphasizes personal growth, enabling each student to explore self-identity, social relationships, and environmental influences. Explores problems of personality, resolution of conflicts and stress, and the role of emotions in behavior, relationships,, and health. No prerequisite. Each semester at Clarion. Annually at Venango.|
PSY 122
Drugs, Society & Behavior
Reviews common legal and illegal drugs, modes of action, causes of abuse, and available treatments. The focus of this class is to raise students' awareness of these issues, not to provide treatment or training in drug abuse rehabilitation. No prere,quisite. Annually.|
PSY 211
General Psychology
Introduces the general subject matter of psychology as a science and its major findings. Emphasizes genetics, development, learning and motivation, emotions, sensation and perception, personality and abnormal adjustment, and other social behavior. No, prerequisite. Each semester at both Clarion and Venango Campuses.|
PSY 212
Brain And Behavior
Introduces the relationships between brain and behavior.|
PSY 220
Human Sexuality
Provides students with an overview of the area of human sexuality. Begins with an explanation of how human sexuality is studied. Includes a discussion of sex roles; the biological division of males and females; the physiology of the human sexual resp,onse cycle; and sexual behavior such as homosexuality, sexual coercion, and sexual dysfunctions. Covers health issues such as sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, pregnancy, and childbirth. No prerequisite. Each semester.|
PSY 228
Human Behav/Orgs
Explores how basic psychological principles can be used to describe, explain, and predict individuals' on-the-job thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Includes personality, motivation, perception, attitudes, stress, communication, learning, leadership,, group behavior, cooperation, decision-making, and research methods. B.S. business administration majors can apply this course to free electives only. No prerequisite. On demand at both the Clarion and Venango Campuses.|
PSY 230
Stat Methods
Covers basic descriptive and inferential statistical techniques (frequency distributions, measures of variability and central tendency, correlation, regression, z, t). Gives special attention during class and a required laboratory meeting to the use,of those techniques in dealing with data in the behavioral sciences and their importance in the research endeavor. Prerequisite: PSY 211. Each semester.|
PSY 240
Crit Think & Writing In Psych
Develops cognitive and writing skills linked with success in psychology, a field in which thinking and writing critically enable effective writing and work. Prerequisites: PSY 211; limited to psychology and sociology/psychology majors. Annually.|
PSY 251
Research Methds Beh Sci
Familiarizes students with methods used by psychologists to systematically collect information about the behavior of people and other animals. Experiments are conducted during laboratory meetings, and the appropriate style of writing research reports, is emphasized. PSY 211 and 230, with at least a C in PSY 230, are prerequisites; concurrent registration with PSY 230 permitted only with consent of the instructor. Each semester.|
PSY 252
Research Meth Lab
Experiments are conducted during laboratory meetings and particular attention is given to the appropriate A.P.A. style of writing research reports. Concurrent registration or previous credit for PSY 251 is required. Prerequisites: PSY 211 and at leas,t a C grade in PSY 230. Each semester.|
PSY 253
Intro To Gerontology
Provide a general introduction to social gerontology. Emphasizes the typical aspects of aging. Reviews current hypotheses and findings concerning aging processes. No prerequisite. Annually.|
PSY 260
Developmental Psych
Surveys research and theory on human life-span development. Students study social, cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects of development from conception to death. Prerequisite: PSY 211. Each semester at Clarion. Annually at Venango.|
PSY 300
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Introduces students to research on the similarities and differences among different racial and ethnic groups in the United States and around the world. Examines research in several areas of psychology, such as developmental, social, cognitive, etc. E,ncourages students to apply the research to daily life in discussions of stereotyping, aggression, intelligence, motivation, etc. Prerequisite: PSY 211|