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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course TitleCourse Description
ED 495
Student Tch Prof Prac
ED 499
Special Topics
Examines current topics and issues in education. Topics, announced in advance, focus on the needs and interests of educators.|
ED 501
Sem In Critical Ed Issue
This course examines the current critical educational issues with special emphasis on school funding, legal issues, gender equity, curriculum and cultural issues, and school reform.|
ED 502
Creative Response To Conflict
A study of the current research in the development of a classroom environment which fosters cooperation, communication, affirmation, and problem-solving for children as well as for teachers, staff, instructional teams, parents, support personnel, and, other adults. Emphasizes human capabilities for resolving conflicts at various life stages and situations. Examines a range of discipline models as their implementation relates to the classroom environment. (Designed to be taken in conjunction with,student teaching in the undergraduate program, or as an elective in the master?s program.) Elective course in either the undergraduate or graduate program. Prerequisite: ED 121 or 122 for undergraduate credit. Summer session only, on demand.|
ED 505
Tch Content To Eng Lang Learn
Introduces participants to background, methods, and strategies needed to effectivley teach content to English language learners. Explores importance of native support in achieving academic success and teacher's role in building a safe classromm wher,e diversity of languages and cultures are welcomed and encouraged. Requires active participation through class discussion, evaluation and development of materials and instructional plans. Prerequisite: ED 524 or equivalent|
ED 506
Gender Issues In Ed
Examines the ways in which schools perpetuate gender bias and how educational institutions, as a reflection of the patriarchal society in which they exist, provide different experiences and outcomes for female and male students and teachers. Prerequi,site: ED 110 or WS 100 or consent of instructor.|
ED 509
Fld Based Multicul Ed: Obs Urb
Provides opportunities for pre-service teachers, both elementary and secondary education majors, and both undergraduate and graduate students, to observe and participate in urban classrooms. Students travel in university vehicles to visit schools in,major urban areas and spend a minimum of five consecutive days participating in urban classrooms. Prerequisite: junior-level standing or consent of instructor. Offered each year during Summer Pre-session, on demand.|
ED 517
Educational Comp Applica
This course is designed to provide in-service educators (K-12) who have had little or no computer experience with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to use microcomputers as instructional tools in their classrooms. While acquiring compute,r skills, students will explore, use, and demonstrate competence in each of the following areas: word processing, databases, spreadsheets, graphics, multimedia, instructional design, telecommunications, and major issues associated with the use of tec,hnology in education. This course will provide in-service teachers with the knowledge base to make appropriate decisions regarding the use of technology in their respective classrooms. Not available to students who have taken ED 217 since summer 1994|
ED 518
Teaching Secondary Lang Arts
Prepares Language Arts candidates in methods appropriate for secondary school teaching. Emphasizes constructivist approaches to teaching, reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and thinking. Incorporates planning, curriculum development, a,ssessment, and evaluation in specifically language arts environments. Includes observations and teaching experiences in schools. Prerequisite: ED 524|
ED 520
Intro To Research
This seminar course covers the selection, investigation, and writing of a research topic. Students are introduced to the planning of research projects, major methods of obtaining data, descriptive statistics, statistical inferences, methods of analys,is and critical evaluation of published research, and the preparation of written reports. Proposed research problems and procedures are prepared for discussion and critical analysis. Offered Each semester and summer.|
ED 521
Inst Leadership Skills
This course involves a survey of various theories, models, and styles of leadership, followed by the application of leadership skills in teacher-pupil and teacher-colleague relationships.|
ED 522
Analysis Of Teaching
This course presents an analysis of various teaching models and instructional designs. Videotaped lessons and clinical/field experiences applying course competencies will be critiqued by faculty and peers. Offered fall semester only.|
ED 523
Curr Develop & Eval
Presents philosophic, psychological, and social foundations of the school curriculum as well as principles of curriculum development, curriculum design, curriculum implementation, and curriculum evaluation with an emphasis on K-12 models. A range of, views both historical and current is presented along with curriculum issues, trends and future directions. Ideologic biases from traditional to pragmatic and postmodern are considered across major time frames for the 20th century and early 21st cen,tury. Offered spring semester only.|
ED 524
Foundations In Education
By exploring the social realities and challenges confronting today's diverse classrooms and the teaching profession, this course introduces pre-service teacher candidates to the foundations of education through an examination of the historical, philo,sophical, and social context of American education as well as the cognitive, psychological, and social-emotional perspectives of the classroom in a multicultural society. By exploring the actuality of career commitment to the teaching profession, th,is course prepares pre-service teacher candidates for their role in today's diverse classrooms with the essential knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary to become reflective practitioners.|
ED 526
Sociology Of Ed
This course is an analysis of the public school as an institution in modern societies and its operation in complex social structures. The course draws upon the science of sociology and other social fields to explain the operation of the school as one, of the social systems which operate to influence the development of people in becoming efficient and cooperative members of society.|
ED 527
Statistics In Ed
ED 528
Philosophy Of Ed
ED 529
Foundations of Curriculum
The course provides a distinct overview of the current and historical curricular evolution with an emphasis on philosophical and sociological foundations, student, school, and community needs, the foundational and present standards movement, and prin,ciples of curriculum and curricular issues. Students will explore these areas through an inquiry approach framed with the course's essential questions.|
ED 530
Connect Stand, Inst & Assess
Designed to provide educators with a brief review of the purpose and process of assessment and to introduce them to design options available in designing and implementing authentic assessment. Students acquire, synthesize, interpret and discuss a ran,ge of topics dealing with assessment in the educational process. Emphasizes a backward design process for curriculum development that links standards, curriculum, instruction, and embedded assessment. Students construct and evaluate a variety of asse,ssment tools with a particular emphasis on authentic assessment. Every other year and/or as needed.|
ED 531
Tch Sec Social Studies
Prepares social studies candidates for teaching diverse learners in a secondary setting through field-based experiences; emphasizes critical pedagogical methods, strategies, and researched-based best practices to make social studies content comprehen,sive to secondary students; expands on models of differentiated instructional design, effective interdisciplinary planning, and technology integration to teach content; builds a repertoire of teaching strategies to enhance students' diverse learning,in the secondary classroom; emphasizes NCSS essential skills for social studies and disciplinary standards for history, geography, civics, government, economics, and behavioral sciences. Prerequisite: Completion of the five required courses in Post|
ED 532
Tch Sec Science For Understand
Prepares post-baccalaureate candidates to teach the sciences in secondary schools. Emphasizes teaching science for understanding and application of science knowledge. Includes basic curriculum design-formulating goals and objectives, selecting and,organizing content, developing skill in using a variety of teaching strategies, and evaluating pupil progress. Stresses the inquiry approach to teaching science. Includes observations and teaching experiences in schools. Prerequisite: ED 534, SPED, 418. Fall/Spring, as needed.|
ED 533
Rec Dev Ed So Stud
Students explore recent trends in promoting learning in the social studies as well as study current problems involved. Social forces at work today and their effect on curriculum development are considered.|
ED 534
Provides opportunities for in-service teachers to encounter new ideas, knowledge, and methods in meeting problems in today?s schools. Prerequisite: Teaching experience in the elementary or secondary schools.|
ED 537
Strat-Probs Tch Ele Math
This course deals with recent trends and methods of teaching mathematical concepts and skills appropriate to the elementary grade level. Particular attention is given to diagnostic procedures and to a ?hands-on? laboratory approach. Classes are condu,cted in a well-equipped elementary mathematics laboratory. Recent research which applies to the teaching and learning of mathematical skills and concepts is considered.|
ED 539
Sec Lang Acq & Mtd Tch Wrld Lg
Examination of the physiological and linguistic foundations of modern language acquisition. Techniques of teaching and evaluating modern languages and cultures. Analysis of recent research in the area of second language acquisition with a focus on,the integration of the National Standards for Foreign Language Education.|
ED 540
Prin Of Inst Design & Ed Tech
This course focuses on systematic procedures for designing, developing, evaluating and revising instruction to meet identified goals and objectives for promoting educational technology. Instructional design theories and applications will be examined,. The appropriateness and production of both projected and non-projected multimedia will be explored in the production of instructional solutions for the targeted audience including the K-12 community and other training and development learning envi,ronments. Fall, annually.|
ED 544
Classrm Assessmt For Learning
Assessment is an essential part of the learning triangle. Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are core elements in the learning process and are inextricably linked. In this course, students will actively review the basic concepts of data-driven, assessment for learning, develop and share assessment strategies that are used to make instructional decisions in support of the standards and student learning in general. The course is designed to support learners as they explore the development o,f assessment strategies and reporting systems as well as assessment before, during, and after instruction.|
ED 554
Graduate Certificati Practicum
A professional practicum that requires the application and integration of instruction, management, and professional knowledge and competencies in a Pre K-12 setting. Certification candidates participate in a teacher practicum in their certification,area under the direction of a classroom cooperating mentor teacher and a university supervisor. Prerequisite: Completion of the required courses in the Graduate Level Certification Program with a minimum grade of B, a cumulative 3.0 QPA, and satisfa,ctory standing in admission and retention standards in the college. On demand.|
ED 558
Internship Seminar
Supports teaching interns in the classroom with discussions of classroom management problems and strategies, and organization as a path to fewer management issues. Includes teacher effectiveness research and its application to instructional strategi,es and materials, classroom and behavior management as well as inclusion strategies for students with special needs. Web-based asynchronous seminar concurrent with student teaching internship. Corequisite: ED 554. Each semester.|
ED 559
Special Topics