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Clarion University’s academic structure has recently been reorganized. The information on these pages is valid for students who began their degrees prior to fall 2014.

For students looking for information about degrees in the new academic structure, it can be found on the college web pages:

College of Arts, Education and Sciences
College of Business Administration and Information Science
Venango College

For students seeking information about degree programs prior to fall 2014, it is available in the 2013-15 Undergraduate Catalog or in the 2013-15 Graduate Catalog.

A new catalog reflecting the reorganized academic structure will be available this fall. Curricular questions should be directed to your academic advisor.


A degree in communication offers many opportunities for students in a variety of exciting and rapidly expanding careers. The Department of Communication offers students a unique blend of broad-based communication and writing skills with the opportunity to concentrate in one of three specialty areas: Digital media, journalism, and strategic communication.


Students prepare for their specialties through a strong core of required courses that reflect the foundations of the discipline. Once inside the concentration, students rely on this broad background as they immerse themselves in their chosen career area. Capstone experiences, such as internships, provide a transition between the classroom and the professional world.


Expert faculty, outstanding equipment and facilities, and strong curriculum make the Department of Communication one of the stellar programs in the country. Our graduates have found work in major broadcast markets, newspapers, advertising and public relations firms, video production, internal and external corporate communication areas, graphic design and Web publishing, photography, event planning, sales, and non-profit organizations. Students also have been very successful in entering graduate school.


Check the Website for program requirements.


Degree Outcomes

Communication/MMAJ (B.S. & M.S.)

  1. Students will demonstrate oral and nonverbal communication skills in forms and styles that are clear, accurate, thorough, cogent, fair and appropriate for communication professions, audiences and purposes they serve.

  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to write in forms and styles that are clear, accurate, thorough, cogent and fair, and appropriate for scholarly research as well as for communication professions, audiences and purposes they serve.

  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically, creatively, and independently as they consider the persuasive nature of communication and the role of strategic planning for communication events.

  4. Students will demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the diversity of groups in a global society in relationship to communication.

  5. Students will demonstrate the ability to gather and critically evaluate information from diverse and varied sources.

  6. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the history and development of communication and the ways in which this history has affected individuals and society.

  7. Students will demonstrate the ability to edit or produce communication material that is clear, accurate, thorough, cogent and fair.

  8. Students will demonstrate an understanding of current media technologies and their capabilities, limitations and implications from multiple perspectives, including that of producer, artist and audience.

  9. Students will demonstrate appreciation for the pervasive nature of communication by acknowledging the interdependence and intertwining of all disciplines with communication.

  10. Students will demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the foundations of the First Amendment and ethical issues in the media in order to realize their democratic potential, exhibit robust citizenship, and conduct their endeavors with civility and integrity.



B.S. IN COMMUNICATION - 72 credits
Required: MMAJ 100 or 101, MMAJ 140, 270, 320, 422, CMST
110, 113; choose three Global Communication and Diversity
courses from: CMST 160, 200, 217, 312, 320, 321, 420, MMAJ
339, 426, WGS 100, SOC 356, 362, PHIL 115, 215, 357, PS 210,
PSY 300, 340, ECON 161; choose three Integrative & Applied
Learning courses from advisement; choose one Analysis course
from: MMAJ 324, 331, 339, 424, 425, 426, 427, 430, CMST 210,
281, 322, 331, 333, 410, 421, 430; complete six credits of MMAJ
482/CMST 475 Internship and a senior portfolio by advisement.
Students must earn a “C” or better in MMAJ 100 or MMAJ 101,
MMAJ 140, CMST 110, and CMST 113 to continue in upper
division 300-400 level MMAJ and CMST courses and Communication
majors must attain the minimum grade requirement
of C or better in 300-400 level, upper division or graduate level
CMST and MMAJ courses; 42 out of 120 credits required for
degree must be at 300/400 level.


Digital Media concentration:
Complete MMAJ 351, 370 or
442, 208 or 311, 202 or 302; choose two courses from: MMAJ 353,
354, 355, 357, 445, 450, 455, 473, 476; and choose two courses
from: MMAJ 249, 340, 344, 345, 370, 372, 442.
Journalism concentration: Complete MMAJ 249, 313, 341,
344; choose two courses from MMAJ 371, 443, 444, 474, ART
125, 145, 250; choose two courses from MMAJ 340, 345, 441,
442, 443.
Strategic Communication concentration: Choose 3 courses
from CMST 300, 311, 360, 411, MMAJ 448; choose 3 courses
from CMST 210, 214, 215, 217, 331, 332, 410, 430, MMAJ 312,
314; complete 2 courses from MMAJ 202, 249, 340, 341, 345,
371, 375, 441, 442, 443, 444, 446, 474, ART 125, 145, 250, ENG
263, 297, 301, 306, 307.
Minor In Speech Communication
Required: CMST 110, choose two courses from CMST 113, 200,
210, 213, 214, 215, 217, 260, 281, THE 155, 251; choose two
courses from CMST 300, 311, 312, 320, 321, 331, 332, 360, 410,
411, 420, 421; choose one capstone course from CMST 411, 420.