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Transitions | Center for Leadership & Involvement | Recognized Student Organizations


Clarion Transitions
111/112 Ralston Hall


Clarion Transitions is a four-year student success program that includes several components:

  • Orientation
    (one-day pre-college orientation sessions for freshman and transfer students)

  • Discovery
    (three days of programming for new students the weekend prior to their first semester)


What is a Co-Curricular Transcript?

Like an academic transcript, which documents the courses you took and the grades you received, the co-curricular transcript documents the activities you completed in college, and how those activities helped you become more qualified for jobs to which you might apply. The co-curricular transcript documents that the activities you place on your resume actually occurred.

So, just as your academic transcript documents your classes and grades, the co-curricular transcript documents your involvement in campus and community activities.

To begin building your co-curricular transcript, visit Transitions.


Center for Leadership & Involvement
251 Gemmell Student Complex

The Center for Leadership & Involvement encompasses the areas of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Leadership & Involvement, Community Service, Recognized Student Organizations, Student Senate, Parent and Family Services, University Activities Board, and EFSN

As part of the college experience, students can learn a great deal from their out-of-class experiences, and research shows that students involved in out-of-class activities are more positive about their college experience, more satisfied with their social life, living environment and academic major, and are more likely to graduate.

Clarion University currently has more than 145 Recognized Student Organizations. Recognized status, which is granted by the Clarion University Student Senate, allows student organizations to reserve space on campus for meetings and events, have a campus mailbox, conduct fundraising activities, have Clarion University Web space and e-mail address, among other privileges. Recognized Student Organizations are organized into 13 categories:

  • Academic Related

  • Club Sports

  • Fraternities

  • Honoraries

  • Media

  • Multicultural

  • Performance

  • Political

  • Residence Hall Council

  • Service

  • Sorority

  • Special Interest

  • Spiritual

For a more detailed list, visit