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Personal Finance


Money Management

•What do you want to achieve with your money?

•Set goals

•Create a budget

•List income

•List expenses

•Include savings

•Make adjustments if needed

•Track spending

•Avoid impulse purchases


Checking Account Management

•Use ATM/debit card wisely

•Write checks responsibly

•Use overdraft protection

•Set up automatic bill pay

•Check statements for errors


Savings Account Management

•Make savings a habit

•Save for emergencies - 2-3 months worth of essential expenses

•Use automatic transfer of funds


Getting Credit

•When shopping for credit, look for

•Low APR

•Long grace period

•No annual fee

•Low penalty fees

•Card types

•General purpose (unsecured)


•Store and gas


Using Credit Wisely

•Stay out of debt

•At least pay more than the minimum

•Pay on time

•Limit the number of cards you have

•Build a good credit history


Treating Bills Responsibly

•Rent - establish good relationship with landlord

•Utilities - be careful with use

•Cell phone - be aware of minutes

•Pay bills on time to avoid

•Late payment fees

•Collection agencies

•Suspended service



•Establish good personal finance habits now

•Avoid over-borrowing

•Live within your means

•Save for emergencies and goals

•Dedicate time to money management



BALANCE is a financial education and counseling service available as a benefit of credit union membership

•Money management counseling

•Debt repayment options

•Credit report review