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Judicial and Mediation Services


The Office of Judicial & Mediation Services promotes responsible citizenship by protecting student rights, and maintaining the principles outlined in the Student Rights, Regulations, and Procedures Online Handbook. The office administers campus disciplinary procedures, seeks to maintain a positive living and learning environment, and encourages the building of a respectful and inclusive community.

The office also serves as a resource to the university community regarding conflict management and resolution by providing services that promote the development of critical life skills. A mediation service was recently added to assist students in resolving interpersonal conflicts. Trained mediators guide the process, and the parties voluntarily participate in a structured setting to reach a workable solution.

It is the mission of The Center for Residence Life Services, which the Office of Judicial and Mediation Services alligns under, "To collaborate with students, faculty and staff in providing services that support students' academic, social and personal development by fostering diverse, engaging and responsible communities."


E-mail messages sent from the Office of Judicial and Mediation Services, or by way of an appointed hearings officer, to students through University-Assigned e-mail addresses will constitute an official means of communication.  All correspondence regarding incidents will be communicated through Eagle E-mail.  Official correspondence involving incidents may also come from the Center for Residence Life or other offices such as but not limited to Social Equity, The Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Center for Leadership and Involvement, Athletics, or other office.  It is the Student's responsibility and obligation to access and respond to official University E-mail correspondence.  Failure to check and/or read official Eagle E-mail will not be considered a valid reason to change an outcome or request a new hearing.

Clarion Students Need to Know Their Rights

Do you know your Student Rights? Do  you know the Clarion Code?

Take the quiz!  The Know Your Rights Quiz helps students learn more about key issues, learn more about the Rights, Regulations, and Procedures Online, and helps students identify areas of the student code which they know less about.

Office of Judicial & Mediation Services

Matthew Shaffer, Coordinator of Judicial Affairs & Residence Life Education
204 Egbert Hall
Clarion, PA 16214-1232
814-393-1918 Office
814-393-1860 Fax