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Mediation Services

Mediation through the Office of Judicial & Mediation Services is an outreach program for students, groups, and student organizations when they are in conflict with others.  We value the process and the desire to come to a mutually beneficial conclusion to conflict.

Judicial and Mediation Services also provides the opportunity for students to receive training in mediation.

Peer mediations have become common at the high school level as well as at the college level.  The Eagle Mediators (EM) is a group of returning students who are trained to facilitate mediations between two or more people. 

All current Community Assistants have been trained during a daylong mediation workshop where they learned the skills of mediation and used them in simulations.  Mediations trainings for individuals or student groups are also available upon request.

Working through conflict is never an easy process but one that allows for personal growth and healthy discourse with individuals and groups. 

Please contact your Community Assistant to schedule a mediation session or contact the Office of Judicial & Mediation Services if you or your group/organization is in need of mediation. 

The Center for Residence Life Services often utilizes the mediation process to work through room disputes prior to a room move if possible.

A form to request a Mediation is found on the Judicial & Mediation Services Page.  We would be happy to help you resolve a conflict which may be in our residence halls, withing an organization, team, et.