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Facts and Questions about Space Requests

Where do I start?

Submit requests at

My Request

  • Log on with your organization's username and password used to access the iportal.
  • Beginning Fall 2009 requests using s_e-mail accounts will not be accepted
  • Space Requests must be submitted at least seven (7) days in advance
  • Requests for large scale events (concerts, talent shows, dances, use of athletic facilities, stadium, rec center, etc) must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event
  • The system automatically generates an e-mail to you when you submit an online request. This does NOT mean the space is reserved for you! Requests are processed on a first come/first served basis.
  • You will be notified via e-mail by the Conference and Event Services Office if your request can be accommodated

Room Availability

  • Before submitting a space request check for room availability
  • Log onto the Master calendar, click on the "Locations" tab at the top of the page
  • The Locations view lists both Tentative and Confirmed events, as opposed to the Events view (default view) which lists only Confirmed events
  • Use the filters in the shaded box at right to select the building. Use the calendar to check the specific date

To jump ahead on the calendar simply change the date in address to fast forward to desired date.

(20090212 is the date: 2-12-2009)

How do I reserve multiple days:

  • If the event is happening at the same time on additional days, you may enter these in the same request
  • The start and end time is for the FIRST occurrence (unless event actually spans midnight the end date should be the same as start date)
  • For recurring meetings, you must submit two separate requests for fall and spring meetings.

Repeat Options

  • Ad Hoc - allows you to hand choose additional occurrences. Choose second date and enter, continuing until all desired dates have been selected
  • Daily - if repeating dates are consecutive. Your first occurrence is already set above. Set an end date here. If using repetition feature, first occurrence counts as one repetition.
  • Weekly - allows you to do series

What if I need 2 or more spaces for the same request?

  • You may add additional space needs under "Notes for Conference and Tech Services Staff"

What if I need set up time for my event?

  • The start and end time is the time published as the event time. Do NOT include set up in your requested event time.
  • Add set up and take down under Custom Attributes

What if I don't know the right code for the space?

  • Select "Other" and type the name of the space.
  • Once the code is known, use that option

What if I have special technical needs?

  • Write all the information we should know about your proposed event so we can best assist in your planning.
  • Please contact Auditoria Manager, Carl Callenburg (393-2449 or in the early planning stages of your event to ensure that his office will be able to support your event.

How can I edit an event?

  • Log onto My requests, click the Tentative link
  • If the event is listed here, you can Edit from that screen
  • If the event is not listed, click the Approved link
  • Both Tentative and Confirmed events are listed here (check Status column)
  • Click on scheduler (webvieweruser)
  • This will begin an e-mail which will be sent to the Conference and Events Service Office with the event reference number attached

Do NOT use the online request form in the following situations:

  • To change the location or date of an event that is already scheduled
  • To add or remove space/s for an event that has already been scheduled
  • To update space request information, e-mail with your changes. Please include the Reference number of your event (ex. 2009-AACKDO)

Conference and Events Services Office
247 Gemmell Student Complex
840 Wood Street
Clarion, PA 16214-1232