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So You Want to Put on a Concert or Battle of the Bands

Here are some things you should know...

Requirements for a concert

  • Space request 30 days prior to event
  • Technical meeting
  • Time allotted for set up
    • 3 hours minimum set up time
    • The first band should arrive at least and hour and a half before they are scheduled to perform
    • Other bands should arrive one hour before they are scheduled to perform
    • Four copies of exact timeline for the show, including songs, participants and MCs
    • Bands should report to sound desk where they will be required to fill out an input sheet

Before putting on your show

  • Did you fill out a space request?
  • Did you schedule a meeting with the Events Support Team Manager?
    • Contact Carl Callenburg at 814-393-2449 or
      • Meeting Agenda
        • Did you decide what technical needs you have?
          • Time table
          • Room Set Up
          • Security
          • Microphones
          • Sound System
          • Monitors
          • DI boxes
          • Backline equipment

Checklist and Timeline

  • Space Request
    • In the planning phase
    • Spaces go fast, so get yours quickly
  • Meeting with the Events Support Team
    • In the planning phase
    • Decide on technical needs
    • No one will attend if they don't know what's happening