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Data Analysis of Research Center


Dr. Robert S. Balough, Director
310 Still Hall
Clarion University
Fax: 814-393-1910


The purpose of the Data Analysis and Research Center (DARC) is to provide assistance to clients in the conduct of statistical data analysis and research.

The DARC provides university outreach services to the community by providing the capability to conduct statistically valid survey research and data analysis at reasonable cost for local and regional governmental units, nonprofit organizations, and business entities.

The DARC also provides services to the Clarion University community by providing statistical research, data analysis, and report generation services in support of grant funded activities and departmental and divisional institutional research.

The services of DARC can range from the simple provision of client assistance to complete and independent statistical analysis. DARC can provide assistance or complete services in project design, collection of data, analysis of results, and preparation of reports.

Services Available:

Experimental Design
Survey Design and Instrument Construction
Sample Size Determination
Sampling Design and Data Collection
Descriptive Data Analysis Including Tabulation and Graphing
Exploratory Data Analysis
Categorical Data Analysis
Nonparametric Methods
Analysis of Variance
Regression Analysis
Generalized Linear Modeling
Multivariate Data Analysis
Time Series Analysis
Report Generation Including Power Point Presentations

The DARC has at its disposal the services of faculty members from several departments at Clarion University. Their combined experiences include a full spectrum of statistical applications and a broad coverage of statistical techniques.

The DARC has access to a variety of statistical software applications and modern computing facilities.

All initial consultations are free. Charges for services depend upon the extent of services requested. It is the objective of the DARC to provide data analysis services at reasonable cost. After the initial consultation a primary researcher will be assigned and a fee proposal specifying services to be performed will be developed and returned to the prospective client. For clients outside the university, the proposal will also include a Contract for Services to be performed.

A flat fee structure exists for routine departmental / divisional data analyses such as alumni surveys. Contact the DARC Director for details.

Grant Funded Research:
The DARC can provide statistical services for your grant activities.

Free consultations are provided to grant proposal authors regarding statistical services to be provided by DARC when funding is obtained.

Many DARC participating faculty have expressed a willingness to collaborate as coauthors on faculty research. The DARC will assist faculty researchers interested in collaboration in finding faculty members with the appropriate specializations who are willing to participate in unfunded or funded research.

Short Courses and Workshops:
The DARC can arrange short courses and workshops on topics related to statistical data analysis. Short courses are primarily for external clients and are arranged through the Division of Continuing Education. On-campus workshops can also be arranged. If your grant provides for a telephone survey, for example, the DARC can provide the required training to your callers to avoid problems in data collection.