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Political Science and Philosophy


If you wish to see what Political Science or Philosophy classes are offered, please click on the following link.

Political Science

Twenty-four centuries ago, the great philosopher Aristotle argued that politics was "the master science" because it determined how the knowledge obtained in all other disciplines is socially used. In our era of globalization, in which decisions made by the government of one country have increasing political, economic, and social ramifications in others, the validity of Aristotle's argument is even more glaring. Moreover, the demand for graduates who understand local, national, and global politics is greatly increasing.

The political science major provides students with the tools necessary to understand the range of factors shaping the local, national, and global environments in which we live, to think critically and independently concerning pressing political issues, and to come to critically reasoned conclusions as to how we can organize the life we share with our fellow citizens and millions of people around the world.



Philosophy is unlike other disciplines in the breadth of its subject matter. Since philosophy discusses all aspects of life, it provides an opportunity to think about topics that range from the existence of God to the confirmation of scientific theories.

Additionally, philosophy asks the "big" questions that form the foundation of our belief systems and are rarely discussed. Philosophy challenges you to answer questions ranging from "What is the nature of consciousness?" and "What makes life truly meaningful?" to "Why should I be moral?" Philosophy can help you to understand those issues that are most fundamental to your experiences.