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Alcohol/Wellness Support Groups and Meetings


Resources are available at Clarion University and in the local community for students who need support for alcohol/drug concerns.  Clarion students who wish to meet individually with a counselor can make an appointment at the university's Department of Counseling Services.  In addition, there are many support groups who meet on campus or in the community.

Campus Meetings

NA meetings are held weekly in 104 Still Hall.

NA:  Thursdays, 7 p.m.

Community Meetings




Chronic Pain Association Monday
7 p.m.
Immaculate Conception Library
Main St., Clarion

3rd Monday of each month                         Clarion 

Alcoholics                                8:00              Grace Lutheran Church

Anonymous (OD)                                           Madison Street

                                                                       (behind Courthouse)                                                                                                                                             

Al-Anon                                  8:00               Grace Lutheran Church

                                                                       Madison Street

                                                                       (behind Courthouse)


NAME                                     TIME                   LOCATION

Alcoholics                                6:30                 1051 Twin Church Rd Knox

Anonymous  (OD)                                            (St Paul’s Lutheran Church)

Overeaters Anonymous            7:00              United Methodist Church,


ACOA Support Group              7:00              963 South 5th Avenue,

($5.00 fee)                                                     Clarion,  (814) 226-9810

Grief Support Group                 7:30             Grace Lutheran Church 


2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month             Madison Street

                                                                       (behind Courthouse)


Alanon                                                  7:00-8:30   United Methodist Church,


                                                                                Right at Log Cabin Restaurant

                                                                                3-4 blocks, church on Left

Alcoholics                                             8:00           Episcopal Church,  

Anonymous (OD)                                   Pickering Street, Brookville



NAME                                       TIME                   LOCATION

Alcoholics                                             12:00         Presbyterian Church

Anonymous (OD)                                                   Corner of Rte 66 & Wood St

Contact Toni, (814) 275-1725                 New Bethlehem, PA

Cancer Support Group              12:00             American Cancer Society

4th Wednesday of each month                     133B West Main Street  

                                                                        Clarion, (814) 226-7261

Panic, Anxiety & Agoraphobia   7:30             1315 Robinwood Drive,

3rd Wednesday of each month                     Clarion (Troese Addition)

Women’s Group                              8:00              White Church beside

                                                                                 Uni-Mart, Marienville  

Parents Anonymous                                5:00         Headstart, Rimersburg    

Alcoholics                                               8:00         Hart Chapel, C.U.P.



NAME                                       TIME                   LOCATION

Alcoholics Anonymous             8:00               St. Eusiebius Church,

                                                                        East Brady

Alcoholics Anonymous             5:00                      Drop-In Center, Clarion

(Dual Disorder) every 3 wks                   Riverhill

Al-Anon                                     8:30              Grace Presbyterian

                                                                        N. Jefferson & Arch Sts.

Parents Anonymous                               5:00            Family Links, Clarion

Alcoholics                                              8:00          Episcopal Church

Anonymous (OD)                                   Pickering Street, Brookville

 Thursday (cont.)

Alcoholics Anonymous ©*         6:30-8:00            CUP Health & Science Ed Cntr

* Closed to Recovering                            330 Main St, Clarion

   Alcoholic Men & Women Only

Al-Anon                                                  6:30-8:00 CUP Health & Science Ed Cntr

     Big Book Study                                 330 Main St, Clarion

Narcotics Anonymous                            8:00-9:00 Hart Chapel, C.U.P.

Contact Casey, (814) 227-6256                       Room 110



NAME                                      TIME                   LOCATION

Alcoholics                                 7:00         Clarion County Jail 

Anonymous (CD)                                      Inmates w/6 mos. sobriety                                                                                                                                                      

Alcoholics                                 8:00         White Church beside Uni-

Anonymous (OS)                                      Mart, Marienville


NAME                                      TIME                   LOCATION

“Way Of Life” AA Meeting     7:00         First United Methodist Church

Contact Sara, (814) 226-9088 or              6th Avenue & Wood Street,

                      (814) 221-0511                   Clarion

 Alcoholics Anonymous            8:00          St. Eusiebius Church,                                                          

(OD)                                                          East Brady 

Al-Anon                                   8:30          St. Peter’s Episcopalian  

                                                                  E. Jefferson St., Butler



NAME                                      TIME                   LOCATION

Alcoholics Anonymous            8:00       Episcopal Church

     Big Book Study                                 Pickering Street, Brookville


Alcoholics                             8:00           St. Anthony’s Church

Anonymous (OD)                                   Bridge Street, Tionesta